Homme Plissé Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2021 Paris

The lookbook of Homme Plissé Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2021 Paris The fashion collection was shown in a fun-filled video entitled “Meet Your New Self.”

In its perky fashion film entitled “Meet Your New Self,” Homme Plissé Issey Miyake made patently clear its clothes are bright, fun and comfortable enough to execute contemporary dance moves, or for basketball practice.

Garments in saturated colors, hanging on a clothes rack, start swaying of their own volition, beckoning models to mix colors freely, and bust some moves.

While solids dominate, the collection is also full of newfangled prints, like bleached patterns done on denim then transferred on to polyester material. One was splashed on a light, knee-length coat in blue, pink and white.

Knife-made markings became stripes on a mint green and black trucker jacket, while mesh fabric with patterns inspired by holograms decorate trousers and shorts. Pleated mesh fabric gave a cool effect, heightening the breezy, easy spirit of the clothes.

Like a vitamin rush, an antidote to these dark times, the collection deftly spans clothes for work and leisure. The masculine counterpart to Pleats Please, it was created by a design team under the direction of Issey Miyake and the Miyake Design Studio.

“For a future that is healthy, bright, and full of hope.” So read the closing caption at the end of an engagingly filmed and attractive collection from Homme Plissé Issey Miyake.

That it was worth sticking around until the end of the credits to read said caption is down to the phone-shot footage of Plissé enthusiasts out and about, enjoying their clothes.

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Before that we saw three dancer models, one of whom was partnered with a basketball, demonstrate the ease the pieces afford by moving enthusiastically. A very nice touch was the suggestion that these were not only clothes you choose to put on in the morning, but also clothes that implore to be worn: They attracted the attention of the models by quivering on the rail with the same pent-up urgency my reproachfully unwalked dog demonstrated all day one of this digital Paris Fashion Week.

Among the highlights were a tracksuit in an irregular, multicolor, cityscape inspired check; robe-like coats in polyester printed in soft-toned bleach puckerings originally rendered on denim; and pieces in a mesh fabric developed to resemble a hologram.

Plissé jackets included new three-quarter sleeves which Miyake’s typically comprehensive notes explained were designed to transition between the formal and casual. Two looks in top-to-toe stone tones, with low hemmed shirts, were perhaps a little cult member / spa employee, but evidently deeply relaxing to wear. Plissé pieces can be classed as both activewear and tools for attainment of serenity.

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