MAISON MIHARA YASUHIRO Spring/Summer 2021 Paris

The lookbook of MAISON MIHARA YASUHIRO Spring/Summer 2021 Paris, collection was called “More or Less.”

Mihara Yasuhiro’s coed collection was called “More or Less,” expressing his idea that the more people strive for perfection, the less beauty is found. Yasuhiro also believes in this time of crisis, people need to reconsider desires and not always strive to obtain more things.

With fashion, he “sees something serious there, as well as comical.” So Yasuhiro chose puppets to feature in his brand’s video presentation, a send-up of the runway show.

This opens with a puppet waking up. It brushes its teeth and snaps pics of a bear-shaped breakfast. The puppet arrives at the show venue, where others scribble notes and take selfies. The models are real people, albeit with digitized blockheads, sporting clothing from the spring collection on a virtual runway.

Yasuhiro always tries to mix elements — something old and new, street and more traditional fashion. And this season he continued with his reconstruction technique, fusing different of garments as mash-ups, to eye-catching effect.

His video ends with the puppet standing on the empty catwalk strewn with debris. The camera pans out, and there is a sense of solitude.

Calf-length denim trousers spliced with another garment on the back were worn with a white T-shirt and ecru sweater with numerous sleeves and knits. An oversize suit in green plaid had three shirts peeking out from the jacket, in stripes, check and monocolor. Beige shorts were overlaid with green shorts. Yasuhiro largely used high-end cotton and denim, fabrics easily attainable in Japan during the pandemic.

But the film’s main takeaway is lighthearted. Creating puppets with Yasuhiro’s colleagues was fun, too.

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“I wanted to share the experience with the people around me, and using puppets made them feel like they were kids again,” he said.

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