Should Models use Pre Workout Supplements [+Side Effects]

Should Models use Pre Workout Supplements [+Side Effects]

In recent years, many work-out professionals and lovers have turned to pre-workout supplements to perform better during their workout sessions. These supplements are full of energy-boosting ingredients, who play individual roles in providing your body all the energy it needs to pull-off a challenging work out, run, or any other exercise regime. 

Even though most professionals and athletes are using these supplements to improve their performances, there are doubts about the authenticity and safety of these products. Many people claim that these supplements come with unavoidable side-effects that might give rise to acute or chronic body problems. 

Is the above statement true completely, or there are certain loopholes? Perhaps, it is completely false in its entirety. Well, keep reading this article to find answers. 

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What are pre-workout supplements?

In a definitive sense, pre-workout supplements are known as ‘pre-workouts’ and they are taken (usually as a powder mix with water) by workout lovers, gym-goers, athletics, and other sportspersons to boost their energy level and improve their performances during the main workout sessions. 

The supplements are made from a healthy (and legal) list of dietary formulas that includes ingredients, like amino acids, creatine, caffeine, B-vitamins, and artificial sweeteners. The list of ingredients may vary in pre-workout supplements of different brands. Thus, it is recommended to check for the ingredients before buying a pack. 

Coming to the safety of the products, pre-workouts are not for everyone. If you get adequate sleep, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and have a well-hydrated body, then chances are, you will be good during your workouts. If not, then you can always resort to the natural pre-workouts, for instance, a banana and mug of coffee would charge you up like anything!

This doesn’t mean that the commercial pre-workout supplements aren’t effective or completely unsafe to use. However, you must do your own research to decide which brand would suit your body the best. In any case, products bought from a well-reputed company should always be considered a good one. Also, if it is the first time, then it is important to notice any changes in your body after consuming the supplement. Any side-effects that are a result of its consumption might appear, such as restlessness, sleeplessness, nausea, fatigue, etc. However, most of these subside after a while. If they don’t, then consult a doctor immediately. 

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Simply put, pre-workout supplements are easy and safe to take but you must take them with precautions. Here’s the list of safest Pre Workouts by Healthcare Business today

What are the main side-effects of pre-workout supplements?

Consumption of any type of supplement, if commercial, may lead to certain side-effects. However, none of these side-effects are known to last longer and subside within due time. While you do not have to worry about the side-effects that subside, you must see a medical expert before starting your pre-workout course for safety reasons.

What are these potential side-effects? Well, let’s find out the most common ones below along with ways to avoid or deal with them. 

  1. Insomnia 

Pre-workout supplements are full of caffeine, yes, the stimulant used in your coffee. No, we aren’t talking about a cup of coffee; there is a 200 to 400 mg of caffeine used per serving in these supplements. If a cup of coffee can take away your night’s sleep, imagine what such a huge amount of caffeine will do? The activated epinephrine and norepinephrine in the body will definitely wake up your body and you will charge through the workout session. However, this might also result in sleepless nights, if the complete caffeine didn’t burn out during the workout. The problem might get doubled, if you are into night workout because then sleeping time is closer and the caffeine is still burning. 

  • How to avoid it-

You can either lower the dosage of the supplement to avoid the intense effects, or you can take it quite late, for instance around 8 pm. Even so, the metabolic rate of every body type is different, so you will have to closely monitor yours before deciding on your ideal time. 

Note: You should go for a pre workout which helps in weight loss and one such supplement i s Resurge, if you’re interested read the Resurge review here.

  1. Jitters

We have to mention caffeine here again since it forms a big part of pre-workout ingredients. It has proven to reduce fatigue, build muscle strength and enhance the output during workouts. However, feeling body jitters is one of the many side-effects of caffeine consumption. These jitters can also be accompanied by anxiety or restlessness. You can choose to workout with a pre-workout supplement that doesn’t have caffeine. However, most commercialised supplements have caffeine as one of the main ingredients, so you might have to resort to natural supplements. 

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  • How to avoid it-

The best way to minimize or avoid the effects of caffeine on your body is by taking it in small dosage. The ability to deal with caffeine is different in everybody. Thus, you will have to find for yourself the ideal dosage for you.

  1. Increased water retention 

Creatine is another ingredient used profusely in pre-workout supplements. This unique ingredient has shown to increase the body’s ability to work through high intensity exercise regimes. Even though this side-effect is quite mild in nature and subsides in a while, the retention of water often makes the muscles bigger than they usually are. This also results in bloating and weight gain. 

  • How to avoid it- 

The best way to avoid dealing with this side-effect is to take smaller dosage of the supplement than consuming a large dosage. Creatine is usually suggested to start with a dosage of around 20 gm per day for a minimum of 3 days, which can be followed by 3-5 gm of daily dosage. 

  1. Headaches 

Citrulline is added to many pre-workout supplements to increase the blood flow inside the body, especially in muscles that are most engaged during the workout. This leads to a strong build of the body. While the blood flow affects the muscles, let’s not forget that the pressure is also felt by the brain, which often results in headache. The change is blood pressure is the main cause of these aches. 

  • How to avoid it-

The average dosage of Citrulline is somewhere between 6-8 gm on a usual basis. However, the dosage is dependent on the body type of every individual. Thus, if this level of dosage isn’t working out for you, then perhaps you should reduce the same. Another way is to buy the pre-workout supplement that has low or zero volume of Citrulline.

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  1. Dehydration 

Another common side-effect of the pre-workouts is a dehydrated body. Some ingredients that are used in the supplements pull water to get it out of your system. This is done purposely to enhance the process of weight loss. However, when consumed in higher doses, it leads to loss of water from the body and results in dehydration, especially during or after the exercise session since you sweat out a lot of water.

  • How to avoid it-

Have a glass of water every 30 minutes throughout the day. Keep yourself hydrated all the time and you will not suffer from this problem. 

  1. High blood pressure 

Caffeine and creatine, the two main ingredients of pre-workouts are stimulant in nature. Naturally, it will affect or raise your blood pressure. Additionally, a good workout session also increases your blood pressure. The higher the intensity of workout, higher goes the pressure as well. All of these combined can spike your blood pressure level as well. 

How to avoid it –

If you have a blood pressure issue, then please avoid having pre-workouts at any cost or consult your doctor about the same. Also, you can resort to natural pre-workout supplements than choosing the ones that come with stimulants. In any case, take care of your health before indulging in these supplements. 

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There are many other side-effects that are believed to be caused in the body due to the intake of these supplements or other dietary and health products. The doubt is real but that doesn’t mean all the supplements are here to trouble your body. If you have been harmed by the usage of certain pre-workout supplements, then perhaps you should first consider meeting a health expert, and then, the authority of the brand. The main purpose of these supplements is to increase your energy and build your body rather than anything else. However, you when it comes to taking care of your body, you must only trust yourself and no one else. Do your research, find the supplement that suits you, put it on trial, and see if it’s bringing positive changes, negative changes, or no changes at all.

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