What Your Post Covid-19 Honeymoon Should Look Like

In just about every area of our lives, there is what things looked like pre Covid-19 and then post. The things we used to do before may not be relevant anymore. Either because they simply don’t exist in a post Covid world, or we don’t want to do things the same way anymore.

Travel has been impacted more than just about anything, so what does this mean when you are planning a wedding and honeymoon for the ages? Well, the pandemic has certainly made it a challenge. 

However, this can be seen as an opportunity to do something a bit different for your honeymoon. After the wedding planning, all the decisions made for the amazing wedding guest outfits and the catering and everything else, you can get away from it all with some unique honeymoon ideas.

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In this article, I will go over a few ways to forget about Covid-19 while also dealing with it for the ideal honeymoon.

Stay socially distanced 

Even after the most acute phase of the virus seems to be under control, there is the chance of a second wave. With this in mind we should continue to try to stay away from crowds.

Flying makes this very difficult for obvious reasons. Though flights are now happening with many safety measures, it is still a risk some don’t want to take.

A road trip is an ideal way to stay socialially distanced from others and still be able to get away for your honeymoon. Just you and your partner in your vehicle of choice. Maybe you can rent a convertible and hit the road in style.

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Do you need a limo to get you in the hotel before going to honeymoon? Limo Find got you covered, in any event. While numerous choices of transportation exist, very few options offer a sense of opulence and luxury.

Tiger of Sweden – Spring/Summer 2016

Or, you may want to take your accommodations along with you and travel in an RV so you don’t have to worry about how well a hotel or resort is disinfecting the rooms.

Wherever you live, there is plenty to see around your area that you can enjoy through the eyes of a tourist instead of a local. Find the romantic areas in your country and then drive there. A road trip is a fantastic bonding experience for a new couple. 

Do more research

In a pre Covid-19 world, your research would have consisted of finding places that ticked many of the boxes on your wishlist. Now, you have to dive a bit deeper with the research.

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When picking a destination, you will need to check some stats to see how they are handling the virus and avoid places that are seeing some hot spots cropping up. You will also need to investigate any of the travel restrictions to that destination to make sure you can actually travel there freely. Some countries have opened up tot travelers but require a two week period of self quarantining.

Go off the beaten path

While visiting the Eiffel Tower may have been high on your list of romantic destinations, the crowds are going to make enjoying it difficult.

Instead, focus on destinations that don’t suffer from mass tourism. Look into places that allow tourists and don’t have huge crowds everywhere you go. An African safari is a good example. Or, staying at a horse ranch in Wyoming or someplace similar.

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There are a re lot of places that will be memorable experiences that could be even better than what you had planned originally anyway. 

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