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Finding the Perfect pair of Sandals to Wear this Summer

Women and Men’s shoes are one of the main elements in creating almost any image. Sandals are summer shoes with strappy tops that have historical roots as they were common in Ancient Greece and Rome. The following are some of the more famous types of sandals in modern times. You can check out these and other women’s sandals on Brand House Direct at reasonable prices.

Roman sandals 

These are the oldest footwear for areas with hot climates – Ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean. Roman sandals were universal unisex shoes. The cork sole was attached to the feet with leather or woven straps that literally tied the sole to the feet. Today, these sandals are called open shoes with a flat sole or platform, which are held on the feet by means of straps or laces. 

Fausto Puglisi Men's Spring 2019
Fausto Puglisi Men’s Spring 2019

Gladiators sandals 

Flat sandals with straps at the ankle and around the calf, up to the knee. Gladiator sandals were the shoes of Roman gladiators – arena fighters and warriors of the Roman Empire. Gladiators transformed the idea of ​​Roman sandals, reinforcing the latter with nails on the sole and longer straps that wrapped not only the foot but also the shin up to the knee, keeping the shoes securely on their feet during fights and long journeys. 

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In the days of hippies, gladiators came into fashion in an updated, elegant format – with thin leather laces wrapped around the shins. Today you can find variations on the theme of gladiators, for example, high-heeled sandals that keep on their feet with satin ribbons or leather laces. 

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Birkenstock sandals 

Birkenstock sandals are orthopedic sandals named after the German brand Birkenstock. The footwear appeared thanks to the German shoemaker Konrad Birkenstock, who in 1902 created a soft insole that repeats the shape of the foot to prevent flat feet. In 1964, Birkenstock introduced the first flexible arch support for mass production. The shape of the sandals is complemented by one or more wide straps. Later, the name of the brand-manufacturer became a household name, giving a name to a separate type of footwear. 

Slingback sandals 

Slingback is the name of sandals with a closed nose and open heel with a jumper. The name comes from a combination of the English words sling and back. In fact, slingbacks are a type of sandals, they can be high-heeled or low, with a pointed nose, rounded or square.

Christian Dior introduced one of the first models of slingbacks in 1947. They complemented the images of his famous collection, which gave rise to the New Look style. As Christian Dior dresses, slingback elegant alternative closed shoes – in which so lacking post-war women.

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Ten years later, in 1957, beige slingback shoes with a black toe appeared. Gabrielle Chanel was the author of the two-tone masterpiece. Many style icons of the last century were in love with the elegant model, even Princess Diana could not resist. The black and beige Chanel model in medium heels with a jumper on the heel is timeless, we wear their versions today.

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