The Ultimate Casino Lookbook for Men

Whether you take inspiration from Casino Royale or not- there is ample room to play with fashion while visiting a casino. 

Now we know what you might be thinking. Casinos are all about chances and trying the best to win some fair rewards. What have they got to do anything with fashion? Technically speaking, what you wear at a casino is not going to help you win a hand at Poker. 

But what it merely does is bring in an air of confidence while you walk in. It makes you look your best and turns several heads. 

And that is known to build confidence, which might further be useful in playing your best. Besides, some casinos are very specific about their dress code. 

The Ultimate Casino Lookbook for Men

Therefore, unless you are playing online poker in New York, fashion shall always be an integral part of casinos. In fact, designers even launch casino fashion lines. 

Therefore, if you want to look your best, these tips on casino fashion for men must be helpful.

White Tie to Add to your Sartorial Elegance:

White ties have become increasingly popular in the domain of men’s casino fashion over the years. Some might even state it as a part of the entire gamut of Evening Dress for casinos. 

It is minimal, elegant and adds on an air of royalty to any mundane evening. However, there are a few things to complement this look with.

  • A black coat and trousers to aid the white tie to stand out
  • A white shirt that preferably comes with wings
  • Shirt studs or cuff links are add-ons that shall embellish the overall look
  • A white vest, bow ties and a pair of white or grey gloves
  • A pair of black dress socks with classic leather shoes
The Ultimate Casino Lookbook for Men

These might sound a bit redundant and outdated when compared to the chic style of the day. However, it is important to remember that we are trying to add a bit of royalty to your entire attire. 

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And nothing is more regal than the white tie.

The Classic Black Tie for Every Occasion:

The classic black tie shall never go out of style when it comes to a perfect casino evening. In fact, it is the safest option that men can go for. You can never go wrong with black. 

The Ultimate Casino Lookbook for Men

When it doubt, always wear black. Some might not be confident enough to pull off any other trend. 

However, when it comes to a black-tie, it is always a relief. Here are a few things that you must team your black-tie with.

  • A standard white shirt so that the black-tie stands out
  • An optional black bow tie
  • A waistcoat to complement the look
  • A dinner jacket or classic black coat
  • A pair of black leather shoes to complete the look

It is very important that you always use the right accessories and complementary pieces of clothing with the main attraction. Your black tie is supposed to stand out, not get lost within your dress. 

Therefore, you must be careful about that part.

A Semi-Formal Dress to Keep Things Light:

You do not always have to be at your formal best while visiting a casino. The aim is to have fun and enjoy the evening. Looking the part serves as a cherry on top. 

Therefore, if you are not up for the aforementioned combinations, you can go for a semi-formal dress code too. However, make sure that the casino that you are visiting allows the code. 

The Ultimate Casino Lookbook for Men

If it does, you are in luck. You could wear a dress shirt with classic denim and leather shoes. You might also want to go for a chic, yet elegant combination of a dress shirt teamed with a business coat. 

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The options are endless. You only need to take the pick that suits you the best.


Casinos have an air of charm about them. The siren call of these casinos is usually unavoidable. And in all honesty, there is no harm in indulging in a bit of safe gambling. 

Plus, these places are also a hotspot for the latest fashion trends. There is enough room to experiment and look dapper in what you wear. 

However, if you wanted safe options that have stood the test of time, these tips shall come incredibly handy to you.

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