Fun Variations on Card Games with Friends: Organising a Strip Poker Tournament

Fun Variations on Card Games with Friends: Organising a Strip Poker Tournament

There are multiple variations of the game of poker. Each has the same winning hand structure but a variety or rules, strategies and playing styles make poker one of the most versatile card games in existence. In some variants it is even the player with the lowest hand that wins the pot.

In all versions of poker, players must place bets depending on their hand, or on the hand they want other players to believe they have. All variants involve betting and have the possibility for bluffing. However, the number of betting rounds, number of community cards and ways to win can alter dramatically across different styles of play.

Fun Variations on Card Games with Friends: Organising a Strip Poker Tournament

Getting Creative with Betting

Many poker players also implement their own unique rules to make the game more fun. This can involve creatively changing what is being bet. One popular variant on betting comes into play with strip poker. In this game, players are not gambling money or chips. They are gambling with their right to keep their clothes on! Strip poker tends to be one of the less serious versions of the game and can be played across almost any variant, provided the players are willing to remove an item of clothing each time they lose a bet.

Strip Poker Outfits

For poker players entering a casino, dressing up can be part of the experience. Many casino players choose to wear black tie or white tie and certain high-roller venues insist on this. Other casino poker players focus more on comfort. While overly casual clothing such as shorts or flip-flops are typically frowned upon in any casino environment, serious players who are in it for the long haul will look for comfortable yet stylish garb such as slacks and a polo shirt. The Ultimate Look-Book provides all sorts of fashion combinations for your ideal look. 

In strip poker, which is most often played privately amongst groups of friends, the style of clothing is less important that the number of items worn. To play a fair game of strip poker, each player should be wearing the same number of clothing items as the next and each specific item should be given a chip value. For example, players could choose to bet a shoe, which may be worth ten chips, or raise to a shirt which could be worth 50 chips. 

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Poker Variants

Strip poker can be played across almost all poker variants so long as the betting rules are clearly defined before play begins. Some players prefer to keep it simple with a game such as five-card draw, with the rules being that the player holding the winning hand gets to keep all their clothes and all other players must remove an item. However, it can be more complex across other variants, such as allocating a chip value to each item of clothing and allowing players to choose to bet more or fold depending on their perceived chances of winning the hand.

Fun Variations on Card Games with Friends: Organising a Strip Poker Tournament

Clothing Values

It is essential to determine the value of each item of clothing before beginning a game of strip poker. Typically, the more naked a person would be after removing an item, the higher its value would be. If playing strip poker with a variant such as Texas Hold ‘Em, which has multiple rounds of betting, players may find themselves having to bet numerous items of clothing to stay in each round. 

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