5 Tips To Get The Most Of A Model Shoot

Has a company called you to do a professional shoot of their model! Well, congratulations! But before you go ahead, we want to let you that this shoot is going to be different as compared to the shoots you have done before. Asking your friend or a family member to pose in front of the camera is completely different from doing a shoot with a professional model. 

Don’t worry; we have figured out what you need to learn! Consider the 5 tips given below to get the most of your first model shoot!

  1. Interact 

People act differently in front of the camera. Even a professional model can no be comfortable unless he/she hasn’t interacted with the photographer before. A model can’t read the mind of a photographer. He/she has no idea what energy level, body language and facial expressions you want to get.  They get nervous and anxious, causing great trouble for you.  

So what you need do is sit down and talk to your model before the shoot. Let them know your shoot plans and what outcomes you are expecting as a photographer. Moreover, you need to talk about your goal in such a way that the other person clearly gets what you are trying to convince. 

You can’t treat your model as a robot. He/she can’t follow your instructions on the spot. So do your homework, sketch the poses, figure out the expressions and then interact with your model. 

  1. Make a Model Poses Reference List

As you are going to the photoshoot as a photographer, make sure to have a few poses in your head! Depending upon the kind of shoot, list a few referebce poses. For instane, you are going to caputure a male fashion model for a mobile company. Find out how models pose with gadgets like mobile, save these poses and take them with you on the shoot day. 

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  1. Give Your Model a Role to Play

A photographer has to act as a director as well. He has to do anything to get the right shots. Sometimes, despite verbal directions, a model does not seem to act the way you want her/him. In such cases, you can assign them a role to play. For example, you are doing a shoot for a designer gown. You can ask your model to act like a princess in distress or a queen of distant state!

  1. Work on Hands

Make sure your model is placing the hands right way. Sometmes your model strikes a happy pose but stands with a clenched fist that indicates anger. Avoid such blunders!

  1. Make Your Model Comfortable

Sometimes the outdoor shoots, intense weather conditions, heavy clothes and oversized jewellery can be very difficult to bear! Make sure your model is comfortable and relax. If he/she is continuously being bothered by something, you will not be able to get the desirable results. 

So, use good cameras like  fujifilm instax mini and do your homework before heading towards your first professional model photoshoot!

Photography Charles Quiles @quilesstudio.

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