Jean Paul Gaultier: Le Male Le Parfum with Mitchell Slaggert

French fashion brand Jean Paul Gaultier launched today Le Male Le Parfum with top model Mitchell Slaggert. The new fragrance for men is making new waves.

Jean Paul Gaultier: Le Male Le Parfum with Mitchell Slaggert

“Mitchell you have been one of the most professional young people I’ve ever worked with and you’ve always maintained an incredibly positive outlook! I can’t be more proud of you! This is just the beginning my friend!”

Daniel Peddle

The campaign, which includes a video starring by Mitchell Slaggert, diva Violet Chachki, with female models Adela Stenberg, Julia Banas, Zuleica Eliana, Soo Joo and Argentine model Flor Arriola.

MitchellSlaggert our muse, the new face of Le Male Le Parfum.The masculine fragrance by #JeanPaulGaultier. #WelcomeOnBoard

The video film by Daniel Peddle at Hvar Island in Croatia takes to viewers on a unique sensory journey, from the perspective of a drop of perfume, tracing its path and delving into the various elements of each fragrance.

The eternal appeal of sailors, nautical stripes and summerwhites

For Le Male Le Parfum, the essences of leather and wood are paramount.

The shooting took in August where we could see a sneak peak by photographer Fede Delibes also stars by Salomon Diaz, Jacob Bixenman, Brandon Good, Tyler Maher and model Augusta Alexander for a digital campaign for Le Male by JPG.

The iconic fragrance to reveal masculinity

To seduce and enhance his personality, the fragrance is beyond essential for a man. It awakens masculinity, reveals the characteristic feature and is even a sacred and precious accessory. Considered as a signature scent, mercedes benz perfume for men is the first choice for men who want to distinguish themselves with elegance.

Like its branded cars, Mercedez Benz has seduced men with fragrances that are just as original and high-class. The brand relies on authenticity and originality, drawing inspiration from carefully blended ingredients and intensive scents. The whole to bring life to ranges at the same time persistent and subtle to perfume with class these gentlemen.

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Woody, invigorating, wild, and intense fragrances reveal to everyone their taste and personality. The brand’s scents appeal to all senses and especially the female sense of taste and smell, making them irresistible. Do not hesitate to associate the mark with your small collection to emphasize your beauty and your wellness.

This fragrance opens you up to compliments from the opposite sex or even from your colleagues. There is plenty to flatter your self in a society where appearance remains an important criteria for social estimation.

Jacob Bix Jean Paul Gaultier: Le Male Le Parfum

Not quite an Admiral, but still VERY admirable. The world’s sexiest sailor has just been upgraded: Now he is a Captain! You’ve seen him in the factory and now he’s back at sea… He’s on the upper decks, so beguiling and chic, that even the sun says « hi! » With his shirt open and flapping in the wind, his torso is free to tease the breeze. Officially an officer, he has the perfect pout. Around him even the waves lose their bearings, and feel lost at sea. Discover Le Male Le Parfum, the new fragrance for men by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Jean Paul Gaultier
Tyler Maher and Brandon Good for Jean Paul Gaultier: Le Male Le Parfum

Photography Fede Delibes  @fededelibes
Film Daniel Peddle @danielpeddle
Female Models Violet Chachki, Adela Stenberg, Julia Banas, Zuleica Eliana, Soo Joo and Flor Arriola.
Male Models: Mitchell Slaggert, Salomon Diaz, Jacob Bixenman, Brandon Good, Tyler Maher and Augusta Alexander.
Creative direction by @perfecto_madrid 
Makeup by @lloydsimmondsmakeup 
Hair by @odilegilbert_official

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