From Blue To Dusty Purple: Cool Hair Color Ideas For Men

Having great hair is an essential part of good grooming, and if you’re meticulous about your hair, you’ve probably switched up your haircut every now and then just to spice things up and freshen your look. However, there’s a big chance that you’ve stuck with your natural hair color for years, so for a change, why not consider changing up your natural hair color for something a little more interesting? Think about Zayn Malik’s ruby red hair, or BTS’ ever-changing candy-colored locks – whatever it is, there’s an eye-catching color out there that’s right for you. If you’re thinking about getting a new look, consider these cool hair color ideas. 

Metallic navy blue

To make any hair color stand out, your hair should be smooth and frizz-free so it will complement your new vibrant hue. Consider using a mild hair relaxer at least a week before dyeing your hair – better yet, use a relaxer specially formulated for color-treated hair to minimize damage and keep your locks in good condition. After that, you can start coloring your hair, and if you want to gradually ease into the world of vivid hair colors, try dyeing your hair a shade of metallic blue.


At first glance, metallic navy blue hair seems a little understated. But once you’re in the sun or under bright lights, the color will stand out, and it’ll give even the most conservative hairstyle an edgy look. Best of all, it looks good on anyone, no matter what your skin tone is or what type of haircut you’ve got. For inspiration, you can check out some K-pop stars who pulled off this color really well, such as Jimin from BTS or Youngjae from GOT7.

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Dusty purple

Ready for a bolder hue but not quite ready to rock bright pink or green locks? Then consider dusty purple for your next hair color. This hue looks best on those with pale to medium complexions, and it gives you an ethereal, soft look. Once you’re comfortable with this shade, you can change it up and go for a darker plum shade, or choose a brighter purple hue once you recolor your hair. You can also easily switch it up for a rosier tone, such as bubble gum pink or mauve, once you’re ready to change it up again.

Rose gold

Rose gold hair looks positively beautiful on men with longer hair, so consider growing out your hair before coloring your locks with this soft hue. It’s a shade that can warm up your complexion and make you look healthy in an instant, and it flatters any skin tone and facial shape. This color looks best if your hair’s got a little shine to it, so use conditioner regularly and a little hair serum or hair oil to give your locks a healthy sheen.


Once you’ve decided to color your hair, keep your locks healthy by using a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair, and turn down the water temperature while shampooing to reduce color fade. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hair colors, and style your hair to maximize your new look. Most of all, have fun with it, and see what hair colors will suit you best.

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