5 of the Hottest Male Models on Instagram to Lust Over cover

5 of the Hottest Male Models on Instagram to Lust Over

Give your eyes a treat with the hottest male models on Instagram! these Wilde beats make it hard not to shiver with ecstasy!

Instagram is a great place to keep up with your friends and check in on your favorite celebrities. It’s also home to some of the world’s biggest hotties. That’s right, there are a ton of delicious male models on Instagram just waiting for you to follow them.

Need a little help coming through Instagram to find the hottest male models out there? We took one for the team and did the research for you. Read on for a curated selection of 100 percent grade A hunks. 

1. Lasse L. Matberg @lasselom

Okay, technically Lasse isn’t a model in the traditional sense. He’s a member of the Norwegian Royal Navy and a fitness enthusiast, but his posts are super spicy and sure to leave you hot and bothered.

Lasse L. Matberg

Lasse is a little bit Charlie Hunnam and a little Chris Hemsworth. We’re seeing shades of Aquaman in his posts, too. Comparisons aside, this is one Instagram feed you need to follow ASAP!!

If you want Lasse to raid your shores like the Vikings at Normandy, check out this site for some toys to help you indulge your fantasy!

2. Stephen James @whoiselijah

Do you prefer guys with a tattooed bad boy aesthetic? Then Stephen James is the Instagram feed for you.

Stephen James photographed by Edu García and styled by Gerard Solé, for the April 2015 issue of Men’s Health Spain.
Stephen James by Edu Garcia.

Stephen owns a tattoo and barbershop called Elijah in Barcelona, Spain. This should come as no surprise because this hottie is tattooed from head to toe. Between his tattoos, his sparkling blue eyes, and his ripped physique, Stephen’s feed will leave you needing a cold shower.

3. Willy Cartier @willycartier

Do you like your men more lithe and exotic? Check out the Instagram feed of model Willy Cartier.

Willy Cartier

Willy is French, Vietnamese, and Senegalese and works as a professional model. His feed is full of gorgeous photos of Willy and his long, wavy hair in scenic locales. It’s enough to make you want to book a flight to Paris for a romantic rendezvous with Willy!

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4. Rob Evans @robjamesevans

Tall, dark, handsome, and athletic?

Hand us a cold glass of water, because the model and boxer Rob Evan’s Instagram feed is making us thirsty. He’s a former judge for America’s Next Top Model, but his feed is mostly photos of him pumping iron and hitting the ring.

5. Gianluca Vacchi @gianlucavacchi

Want to indulge your hot sugar daddy fantasy?

Gianluca Vacchi

Then Gianluca Vacchi’s feed is the one for you. Gianlucais totally ripped and has only gotten better with age. Even better is the fact that he totally lives a life of luxury with photos in ritzy mansions and expensive yachts.

The only downside? Gianluca is definitely taken.

Lusting After These Male Models on Instagram?

There are so many tasty male models on Instagram that it’s hard to pick just one as a favorite. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Follow all of these red hot men to make your Instagram feed the ultimate thirst trap.

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  1. Rob Evans? Blast from the past! You forgot Dominic Calvani!😁

  2. I think my favorite male model is Willy and Rob for all of above.

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