Smithers Swimwear SPORTSMANSHIP Collection cover

Smithers Swimwear Unveils ‘Sportsmanship’ Collection

Inspired by the athleticism and professionalism of elite athltes, Smithers Swimwear Unveils ‘Sportsmanship’ Collection.

All eyes will be on SPORTSMANSHIP this summer, the third range by Smithers Swimwear.

Smithers Swimwear Unveils 'Sportsmanship' Collection

Celebrating the notion “faster, higher, stronger” and commemoratin the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Movement the SPORTSMANSHIP range is ready, set, go!

Smithers Swimwear Unveils 'Sportsmanship' Collection

Smithers will host an online pre-sale event exclusively for subscribers commentinc October 1st-6th as a warm-up to the official launch on October 7th.

Smithers Swimwear Unveils 'Sportsmanship' Collection

Costumers will have the opportunity to purchase the 3 new prints – Citius, Altius, Fortius – each available in two distinct colourways.

The Australian brand has been paved its future in America. I know several people is purchasing the speedos because of good designing, originality and price.

Smithers Swimwear Unveils 'Sportsmanship' Collection

The classic swim briefs feature sharp, masculine lines thata flatter the form without compromising on style.

The sophisticated prints are homegrown using high performance compression fabric that is breathable and moisture-engineered to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

Smithers Swimwear Unveils 'Sportsmanship' Collection

“The unique point of difference for Smithers is the brand’s sophisticated approach to men’s swimwear. I wanted to create a brand that is both simple and classic but has a strong emphasis on quality in both the design and the construction of the garment. The origins of production are a reflection of this, with everything designed and manufactured right here in Sydney.”

Jake Smith, Founder & Designer.
Smithers Swimwear Unveils 'Sportsmanship' Collection

The Sportsmanship range a price of $80 AUD, you can easily purchase on its website and you will get a 100% Australian made, excellent quality and origin designs. The fit is perfect and automatically molded to your waist and butt.

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Smithers Swimwear Unveils 'Sportsmanship' Collection

Citius (light) features white, orang, charcoal blue and grey edges.

Smithers Swimwear Unveils 'Sportsmanship' Collection
Smithers Swimwear Unveils 'Sportsmanship' Collection

Discover SPORTSMANSHIP, an elevated swimwear range designed for the high achiever.

Instagram: @smithers.swimwear / shop: smithers/sportsmanship

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