Male Sex Toys: Top 10 Sex Toys For Men

Masturbation and sex can both get boring if let gets too routine. What once was novel and exciting becomes a chore. Fortunately, sex toys aren’t just for women. Male sex toys can add pleasure and excitement to your boring sex routine, and let you experience a whole new range of feelings.

Try a Cock Ring

This is a great toy for someone looking to get into using sex toys. Since men are not always aware there’s a world of toys to mix up the fun, it’s a great time to explore these great ways to pleasure yourself and your partner. A vibrating cock rings are a great option for partnered sex. they keep you hard, and add a ton of sensation to your and a partner. Plus, they’re a very simple to use sex toy. Just put it on and enjoy. 

Male Sex Toys: Top 10 Sex Toys For Men

Experiement with a Male Masturbator

To mix up solo sex, try a male masturbator. The first thing most people think of is probably fleshlight, which is actually a name brand. If it’s aesthetics turn you off, or you don’t want to spend that much money, there are tons of other great options on the market. You can even order a tenga egg off Amazon.

Male Sex Toys: Top 10 Sex Toys For Men

Get a Prostate Massager

A vibrating prostate massager can open a whole new avenue of sexual pleasure. If you’re a pro, Leloo makes a splurge-worthy option that’s great for solo play or partnered sex.

Try a Blowjob Enhancer

This little device might seem confusing just looking at it, but put on during a blowjob, it allows for the feeling of deep throating without the need to go all out. It can also be used as a masturbation aid.

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Use a Butt Plug

Simpler than a prostate massage, you start small and work your way up. It’s a great way to stimulate the prostate, both during masturbation and sex.

Male Sex Toys: Top 10 Sex Toys For Men

Experience a Vibrator

It’s a common myth that vibrators are just for women. They can feel great for men too. Get a simple bullet vibrator and try it out on various parts of your anatomy. You can find what feels good.

Male Sex Toys: Top 10 Sex Toys For Men

Invest in a Blowjob Machine

A step up from the non-mechanical masturbation sleeves, this device uses machine learning to give you a new blow job every time. 

Try Anal Beads

Another great way to get into anal play, anal beads are a simple way to add some new pleasure to foreplay. Just pull them slowly in and out.

Experiment with Nipple Oil

Don’t forget your nipples. Men’s nipples aren’t quite as sensitive as women’s, but they can still provide a ton of pleasure to sex and foreplay. Try this nipple balm to add a ton of new sensation.

Male Sex Toys: Top 10 Sex Toys For Men

Use a Ball Stretcher

For those of you looking to try something a little more extreme, a ball stretcher is the next step up from a cock ring. It is a metal collar worn above the testicles for a stretching sensation. While it sounds strange, it’s also something people swear by. Test it out if you want to try something new.

Explore Male Sex Toys

Hopefully, that gave you a whole new idea of what male sex toys to use to make your sex life exciting again. If you enjoyed these male sex toys, please read more. We have plenty more articles to mix up your sex life. 

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