Effective Ways That Will Help Men Dress Better Without Splurging Too Much cover

Effective Ways That Will Help Men Dress Better Without Splurging Too Much

A lot of men are reluctant to improve the way they dress because they either think they would need to buy a lot of clothes, or that it would cost too much. These two ideas are something that drives many men from updating their closets. In reality, there are many ways to improve your style.

In this article, we have prepared a few tips that will definitely help you dress better, without having to spend too much money.

Get rid of lousy clothing

In many cases, it happens to us that we hold onto a piece of clothing that is dear to us for a particular reason even though you’re well aware that it’s time to throw it away. If those clothes are ill-fitting, worn out, torn, if the colors have faded, try avoiding wearing them on a daily basis. You can still keep them in your closet, and wear them at home, just avoid putting them in outfits you wear outside. 

The Spruce / Letícia Almeida
The Spruce / Letícia Almeida

Focus on the fit

It is common sense that anything you wear looks nicer when it fits you perfectly. As Wesley Kang and Tanya Zhang, the co-founders of Nimble Made Clothing explain, off the shelf clothing sizes are ultimately based on the “average” American man. Of course, this is done in order for companies to appeal to the mass market, but individually speaking, when assessing your fit, the thing that you need to keep in mind is dressing for your body type. Once you get the hold of that, you will know which type of clothing you should wear, or even the adjustments you need to make on the clothes you already have. 

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Effective Ways That Will Help Men Dress Better Without Splurging Too Much

Make sure that your sleeves are not too long, that there is no excess fabric at the torso area, and that there isn’t too much or too little room in the seating area of your pants. Clothing alterations like this can make you look a lot more neat and polished. 

Change the color of your shoelaces

Even though it might not seem like too much of a change, changing the color of your shoelaces can really make your outfit pop more and draw more attention. And the great thing is, you only have to spend a tiny bit of money. Of course, make sure that your shoes are clean and polished since otherwise, it can bring your outfit down. 

Go thrifting

Second-hand stores can be overwhelming since there is usually a lot of clothing in all of them. But, if you have the patience to sift through a ton of clothing, make sure you take a tour through your local second-hand stores. You will be amazed by what you will be able to find. 

A lot of times, the clothing there is almost brand new, and it can happen that you sometimes even find a high-end brand. The great thing is that there are stores that have specific styles or eras. So, for example, if you are into retro fashion, there is no better place for you to search for than in a thrift store.

assorted clothes hanged on clothes rack
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

When you start improving your style and building a wardrobe, don’t buy a ton of clothes or expensive items. Take your time and choose your clothing wisely. Your goal should be to create a lean wardrobe with each item having plenty of versatility. And of course, go with your gut and do not forget to have fun with fashion. 

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