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What to Wear To a Bachelor Party

Attending a bachelor party is a special occasion that provides everlasting memories. However, many gentlemen struggle when deciding what to wear to a bachelor party as a guest. You want to be comfortable without feeling underdressed, but you also don’t want to be overdressed and outshine the groom.

Fortunately, our author here, Lucas Goldberg, is well versed in stylish trends and has experience in bachelor party ideas. He’s a long-time casino enthusiast, and when he’s not reviewing new online casinos, he’s assisting in bachelor’s evenings and events. Learn more about him here.

Venue and Dress Code

Before you start formulating bachelor dress up ideas, you need to consider the day or evening’s itinerary and what the bachelor chooses as the dress code. Every groom-to-be is unique and will enjoy different events. 

Some opt for a casual outing of hockey and beers with the boys, some will enjoy a night of debauchery and strippers, and others might choose a formal dinner and sophisticated evening. Every man will want a different passage into married life. However, each of the above events will call for various types of attire.

Ralph Lauren Men's Spring 2019
Ralph Lauren Men’s Spring 2019

It’s also worth considering what the bachelor will be wearing and opt for a similar style. But, avoid taking away from his spotlight and choose a more subtle outfit. The occasion is his and his alone.

Dress Shirt

Depending on where you’ll be heading for the evening, you’ll need to decide whether a casual t-shirt is suitable or if a dress shirt is more appropriate. A shirt is typically a better option because you can dress it up or down.

You can keep it casual by folding up the sleeves or pairing it with a stylish leather jacket. If you’re heading for a club or somewhere similar, you can transform the look to something suaver by loosening the top buttons and throwing on a pair of fitted jeans. For something more formal, pair it with an elegant blazer and trousers.

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Jeans and Trousers

You’ll need to use your discretion when choosing your bottoms. Jeans work well on most occasions. You can dress them up or down, much like a dress shirt. Ensure that they’re fitted and pair well with your top half.

Adding a spunky t-shirt or leather jacket can brighten a typical “t-shirt and jeans” casual look. For something more formal, add a blazer (ensure the t-shirt is plainer) or opt for a fitted dress shirt mentioned above.

If the bachelor chooses a formal evening, your best bet is to find a pair of trousers that match your blazer. Always opt for a charcoal, black, or navy suit with a subtle colour shirt. It ensures that you’re dressed for the occasion without taking attention away from the main man. 

Jason Morgan for Ralph Lauren FW19 Campaign

A pair of slim-cut jeans and a shirt are usually the go-to. By sticking to these two as the base of your bachelor party outfits, you can add the extra accessories and garments to suit almost any occasion.


Many gents enjoy sneakers’ comfort, and they’re a good option for making a subtle fashion statement. There are thousands of styles and colour combinations at your disposal. Opt for a more bold style for a casual event, or keep it classy with a more stylish and sleek look for more formal festivities.

However, dress shoes or Toms are the way to go if you’re in for a formal evening. You’ll also need to use your judgement and decide which will be the better option for the planned events. 

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You take any bachelor party outfit to the next level by adding the right accessories. A belt will bring an ensemble together in an elegant way. A watch is another accessory you can add to add sophistication to your look, and you can never go wrong with a wristwatch. If the bachelor party occurs during the day or at sunset, choose a pair of sunglasses that suit your face shape.

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When you’re planning your bachelor party outfits, remember that comfort is vital. You can mix and match several of the items or styles listed, to curate a personal and dapper look for all dress codes.

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