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Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week 2020

We were invited this season to Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week 2020, but because of pandemic we couldn’t attend this time, this is a resume.

Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida welcomes its 2020 edition, which will take place at the ExpoMeloneras site, in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria), between October 22 and 25.

With a renewed image, inspired by the island’s natural paradise, Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida, comes with great news to this new call, which after more than 20 years since its inception; it will undoubtedly be one of the most special in its history.

The only professional swimwear fashion show in Europe has IFEMA as co-organizer of the event for the second consecutive year. The objective of this alliance is to promote the presence of the catwalk in the main international fashion circuits. In addition, IFEMA becomes a winner of said co-organization until 2023, a period in which it will promote the strategic development, artistic direction and communication of the event; contributing its experience in catwalks and fashion fairs, with the aim of internationalizing the event and turning Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida into the great benchmark of its genre.

Holas Beachwear

The new Holas Beachwear collection is designed and aimed at the most daring men, those who show their true selves without compromise and also add a dose of imagination and fun.

This collection, the sixth in the history of the firm, which has its main markets in Portugal and Spain, reflects the great evolution of the brand in terms of design and quality.

The Knot Company

The Knot Company cruising Collection

Collection that aims to enhance in each one of us that latent or active sensitivity towards beauty, to recreate ourselves in reflections that allow us to “see” as in art, invisible and profound aspects of life and human nature. Classicism elevated man to an unprecedented level of dignity. We would need to change the fundamentals of fashion: as Plato would say, return to the concept of the Beautiful, the Good and the Just. It is necessary for the man to stop having those sophisticated, completely exterior and aseptic postures. We have to become translucent instead of opaque and we have to achieve that harmony between the internal and the external.

Ethics have yielded their value in large part to aesthetics, and just enough to taste. All this generates an excessive consumerism whose products are not always acquired for their use value (necessity of the object itself), but we frequently do so for “its exchange value”, that is, because of prestige, beauty , of the status or social rank that it confers on us.

With “AWAKENING THE SOUL” we talk about reducing impulses and buying what we really need.
Two lines make up our collection, one represented with a mesh or net print that simulates the entanglement in which we have gotten into excessive consumerism, and another line with an abstract pattern in which classic statues, checkerboards and trees represent meditating towards the change.

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It is a collection designed, studied and with which we want to reach an audience that appreciates “not everything goes”

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (Madrid, 1960) studied at the School of Fashion Arts and Techniques in Barcelona. At age 20 she began working as an assistant in the Madrid studio of the couturier Pepe Rubio.

A year later, she already presents her first collection at the LOCAL design center in Madrid. Since then Agatha has paraded and been the guest of honor and representative of Spanish fashion on the main catwalks in the world.

The designer’s creations have become a true means of artistic expression and from her early years in the world of fashion she began to exhibit some masterpieces in galleries and museums in different cities in Europe, America and Asia.

I am happy to walk this year at Moda Cálida, because I consider the organization’s decision to move forward at such a difficult time very brave. It is a heroic gesture that is greatly appreciated, an impulse towards optimism, towards life and its celebration. Fashion continues because our fantasies continue. In fact, this collection is highly fanciful, it is an escape to another dimension very different from the one we are living in, it is a dream of the beach, party, sun and color. It may not be my most ‘wearable’ collection, that is not its intention. Someday the moment will come when I will show a very commercial collection at Moda Cálida, but that day has not yet arrived …

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada


Nacho Penín by Gerard Estadella – Backstage at Gran Canaria Swim Week (Spring/Summer 2021)
Nacho Penín by Gerard Estadella – Backstage at Gran Canaria Swim Week (Spring/Summer 2021)

See for more details and information at @grancanariamc

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