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Discover 10 Male Models on Cameo.com

If you want to get instant short videos made by your favorite models, see the list below and discover 10 male models on cameo.com.

Launched in 2017, cameo.com is a platform where you can find your favorite actor, actress, influencers, celebrities, athletes, comedians, creators, musicians and models, the category is long, and is about to send personalized video messages to fans.

The site grew during the coronavirus pandemic and it accommodates social distance restrictions. In July 2020 the site launched Promotional Cameos, a premium priced service for businesses to buy celebrity endorsements.

Try to be as specific as possible with your request such as your relationship 
to the Cameo recipient, numbers & details. 
Ex. "tell my BFF Cam congrats on graduating from UCLA."
cameo.com instructions

We find a huge list of 10 male models, Instagram models and influencers we always follow and we have posted here so many times, let’s discover who they are.

Philip Fusco

Philip Fusco by Armando Adajar

“Hey everyone. I am an internationally published fitness model and fitness trainer with multiple magazine and novel book covers, I have been on talk shows such as Bethany Frankle and Maury and more.”

Request: $30 Chat $1.99

Giuseppe Giofrè

Giuseppe Giofrè by Matt Alves

Dancer and model Giuseppe Giofrè joins cameo.com event though he’s dancing with JLo or going to dance events, he has the time to chat with his fans and send request videos to them. You can request for $60 and chat for $1.99.

Lance Parker

Lance Parker for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 03 cover

Former football star and now model Lance Parker is also on cameo.com. and we’d love to have a chat with him. He was our star from PnV’s Fashionablymale Magazine Issue 03. You can enjoy a chat for $3.99 and a video for $39.

Charlie Matthews

Charlie Matthews for PnVFashionablymale Issue 05 April 2020

Our April 2020 cover boy was Charlie Matthews from DT Models, now the male model joins cameo.com in L.A. You can chat with him for $2.99 and get your video for $50.

Fabian Arnold

German model and influencer Fabian Arnold is also in the platform, you can enjoy for $29 USD only. I think having personal short videos by your favorite male models is better that Only Fans, what do you think?

Andre Luis Brunelli

Andre Luis Brunelli by Juan Neira

The model Andre Luis Brunelli joins cameo.com and only for $35 USD. You can have a personalized video from this Brazilian roots American model now become a father figure.

Garrett Swann

NYC based model and influencer, Garrett Swann comes to this platform, you can request a video for $40 and enjoy a chat for only $3.99.

Tucker Des Lauriers

Tucker Des Lauriers by Lalo Torres for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 04

Next Model and DT model signed Tucker Des Lauriers also enjoys cameo.com The L.A. based model who also was in our incredible Double issue 04, enjoy Tucker with a short video message for $20.

Bryce McKinney

Bryce McKinney by JONO for Fashionably Male

L.A. based model and actor Bryce McKinney is coming to this platform to share all requested videos you can ask. For only $20 you can have a video like this.

Romain Bonnet

This is not over until its coming an real exclusive for you. Romain Bonnet posing by Karim Konrad for Fashionably Male in an exclusive unseen material, photographer Karim Konrad has been working so much for always sharing the best of the best.

Model and TV star reality show Romain Bonnet is one of the most solicited on cameo.com, you can request a video for $150 and a chat for $3.99. The actor is based in L.A. and stars popular show on Netflix Sunset Selling.

Would you requested a birthday video a shot messages or chat with your favorite male model? If so, which model mentioned above would you have to a requested video. Do you think this is better and approachable for all of us? Or you won’t quit your OnlyFans account. Comment down below.

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  1. I really wanna try this app. Chatting with Charlie or Lance, would be so cool.

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