The Guide Into Motorcycle Boots Types

The Guide Into Motorcycle Boots Types

Although motorcycle boots have rather strict requirements for features, the number of choices in the store can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a green rider. From this guide by experts from yourmotobro.com blog, you will learn the difference between types of motorcycle boots and figure out which one is yours. 

Street Boots

This type of motorcycle boots is the most casual and versatile. They look almost like regular shoes but strengthened with armor plating, soles and made of abrasive-resistant materials to withstand real road conditions. You can even wear such boots with your everyday outfits if they match. The downsides of this type include lower leg coverage than other bike boots offer, so we don’t recommend wearing them if you’re an aggressive rider. That’s a price you should pay if you need a versatile pair of boots for a relatively low price. 

Touring Boots

Unlike street boots, these are designed to provide comfort and protection for touring. Touring models vary from mid to full height and may reach calves. Such boots provide superior protection and support for your ankles, which are the most vulnerable parts in case of an accident. They’re more expensive than casual boots but guarantee higher longevity, better protection, and comfort on long distances.

Adventure Boots

Similarly to touring boots, the adventure type is designed for long distances. However, they’re significantly sturdier as well. Adventure boots are designed to withstand both road and off-road experiences. At the same time, they combine sturdiness and protection with the comfort of touring models. These boots balance between a stiff dirt bike and touring. They won’t save the dryness of your feet if you get knee-deep into the mud. Ankle-depth isn’t a problem for them. 

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Dirt Bike Boots

These are designed for extreme riders who mostly ride on off-road tracks. They are tough enough to let you put your feet to the ground for better cornering stabilization. They have hard soles to protect the rider’s ankles. They’re also very high and make it notably harder to move. Walking in them is a real challenge! However, flexibility is not what you need in extreme conditions. They’re perfectly ventilated, though, and available in a variety of color schemes! 

Sport and Racing Boots

Similar to dirt bike boots, these are designed to provide pro-level protection to your feet and ankles. They’re expensive and made with all the traumatic experiences of Moto GP races in mind. That’s what makes them so valuable for sportbike riders. They’re notably lighter than motocross stompers but very stiff anyway. Still, you will be able to feel your bike’s foot controls very well. Such boots protect you during low-angle high-speed cornering and can be easily repaired by replacing worn-out plates. 

Safe & Stylish

Now you’re ready to shop for the best pair of motorcycle boots in your life. Remember that it’s not only a stylish accessory but also an important element of your safety gear. Take this choice seriously and don’t try to save if you see that cheaper models are of worse quality. Keep safe and enjoy your ride! 

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