Showing Some Goods- KVRT STVFF Underwear cover

Showing Some Goods: KVRT STVFF Underwear

Showing Some Goods: KVRT STVFF Underwear, inspired and designed for anyone who feels confident in their own skin.

Modeling by Jesse at the SoHo House Barcelona in Spain. And also by model Latyr Fall. The stunning pictures showing a new perspective of how to wear sexy underwear.

Fight every battle you come across. Don’t be a lazy b***h

Showing Some Goods: KVRT STVFF Underwear

All garments are designed and prototyped in the KVRT Studio, located in Barcelona, and carefully made to luxury-level quality standards.

Showing Some Goods: KVRT STVFF Underwear

Pride in Confidence

A whole universe beyond clothes surrounds KVRT STVFF. It’s about attitudes and moods of empowerment and redefinition of the contemporary.

Showing Some Goods: KVRT STVFF Underwear

It’s a statement of a different image of confidence: anyone who is proud of their own goals and confident in themselves.

No Fear. No Shame.

People who are not ashamed of their body, regardless of their physical appearance – and they don’t mind showing it. Design proportions and shapes are always aligned with this philosophy. Above all, KVRT STVFF is about enhancing, not about artificiality.

Redefining Sexiness

Fuelled by sporty and simple aesthetics, the designs of KVRT STVFF embody boldness and strength differently, without stereotypes. Always looking for the contemporary and towards what is coming tomorrow, and inspired by a new perception of sport and workouts, KVRT STVFF designs clothes to be worn whenever one can break a sweat.

Showing Some Goods: KVRT STVFF Underwear

Model Jesse Dragstra @jesseclldr
Model Later Fallo @latyrfalloficiall
Underwear Brand KVRT STVFF @kvrtstvff

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  1. I love this brand i got.some nice pieces. It’s bold! And sexy.

  2. The selection of models and items are sickening!

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