Christmas Pick Up: 10 Underwear Brands To Have On Your Radar Part II

Christmas Pick Up: 10 Underwear Brands To Have On Your Radar Part II

Lockdown in our houses, we can still buy some goodies, here’s our Christmas Pick Up: 10 Underwear Brands To Have On Your Radar Part II.

During 2020, webzine Fashionablymale.net has picked up underwear brands to recommend to all our visitors and readers. The underwear brands for men only, has been there for so many years. You will find popular brands and new local brands. Here’s 10 Underwear Brands for you according to your style and budget.

10. 2(x)ist Underwear

Sampaio Twins starring the Spring 2020 Underwear campaign and its absolute great. Colorful designs and patterns, great fit, comfy fabrics and the stamp that 2(x)ist Underwear has in every product.


When we posted Spanish model Jorge Cobian in the new underwear campaign by Adrián C. Martin we were gagging ’bout it. We know Jorge embodies the perfect cis male, but the perfect macho man has a kinky taste for sexy underwear. You have to pick up TEAMM8.


We invite you to see the new pics of Portuguese-born model Gil Soares is modeling the new pieces (now available) of TaniUSA.

Tani aim to create the world’s best and most comfortable undergarments that change the way you think and feel about underwear.

We have worn TANI and the quality and comfort is unbelievable. Even though you can throw it away in the washer machine. The quality never goes away.

7. MEY Bodywear

We typed: The model is now starring the Mey Bodywear Underwear catalogue for Autumn/Winter 2020 and he looks fabulous. And yes he does.

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The Hamburg model is the perfect ambassador for this brand. MEY Bodywear is not new for us. But this is the first time we talk about.

Classic fits, modern and fresh styles. The fabric is perfect for sensitive skins. This is a perfect pick up.

6. Dsquared2 Underwear

Every year Dsquared2 launches stunning campaign for underwear and swimwear. This in particular starring by Matty Carrington is stunning.

Perfect color designs and partners, no one like Dsquared2 designs. The Canadian designers turning 25 this year and for the occasion Dean and Dan Caten organized a big show, which also included the screening of a video showing the milestones of the designers’ career in fashion and a live performance by Sister Sledge, who sang their iconic hit “We Are Family.”

5. Armani Exchange Underwear

Blue eyes, 6’1″ tall, brown curly hair, this is Tuscany based model Sergio Stipa for the new 2020 underwear catalogue of Armani Exchange.

The luxury brand goes more minimalist on its designs, blue, red, white and black. Classic fits, and comfort fabrics are the perfect combination to pick one package of your Armani’s.

4. KVRT STVFF Underwear

When we discovered this brand via instagram, that we can’t pronounce its name, we were obsessed.


All garments are designed and prototyped in the KVRT Studio, located in Barcelona, and carefully made to luxury-level quality standards.

Design proportions and shapes are always aligned with this philosophy. Above all, KVRT STVFF is about enhancing, not about artificiality.

3. L’Homme Invisibile Underwear

For all lace lovers and sexy designs you have to pick up French based brand L’Homme Invisible Underwear. The Christmas campaign is now available and is fabulous.

The called Elio and comes in two color ranges, combination of navy blue and red for the passionate ones, second ton on ton embroidery for discreet sensual elegance. On wearing Elio collection, one doesn’t stop to marvel at all the work that gone in to making this unique collection.

2. Box Menswear

We posted in May while COVID-19 was reaching high levels all over the world this stunning work with model Micah Williams using Box Menswear.

When you purchase an item from Box Menswear you will get comfort, freshness, durability, also they have nice color palette and your bulge will look great. Honestly is what you really want.

1. Torzo Underwear

From kinky to sexy, to fetish. Don’t be ashamed to pick your kinky underwear, it’s 2020 and its about leaving every shame behind. Torzo Underwear delivers the best in sexy fetish underwear for men only.

The campaign starring by Insta model Daniel Padilla is stunning thanks to our beloved friend Chris Femat. They choose the best items of Torzo. Colorful rainbow trunks, thongs, briefs and more. Pick your favorite item on Torzo and they will delivery comfortness, original designs and colors for all the fetish underwear lovers.

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Pick up your favorite and tell us on the comments. Have a nice Christmas shopping! XOX

  1. Oh I wanna try some garments from this brands. Thanks!

  2. For kinky underwear lovers torso is a good option. If you’re modest you have the classic briefs! Nice post.

  3. […] He also was the best underwear campaign presented in 2020. […]

  4. I was surprised that Andrew Christian wasn’t among the top ten. His fit, style and quality is excellent!

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