Your Guide to Buying and Styling Men’s Rings cover

Your Guide to Buying and Styling Men’s Rings

Since ancient times, men have always worn rings either as a symbol of wealth, marital status, or privilege. Today, most men only wear a wedding band on their fingers. However, some chose to wear other types of rings with a personal significance, like a family seal or a class ring. 

Men’s Rings Buying Guide

Below are the tips you should know when buying rings for men:

Choose the Ring Style You Prefer

It will help if you know what style of men’s ring you want to buy before you look around for various rings available in the market. Do you want to have a tough-looking ring? Or maybe you want an elegant- looking one? Furthermore, it is best to choose a ring that will match most of your everyday outfits.

Select the Size of Ring You Like

When it comes to picking out the ring size, you have two factors to consider: band size and the cross-sectional width. Band size will tell you which finger the ring fits on. On the other hand, the cross-sectional width will present how chunky the ring will look on your hand.

Your Guide to Buying and Styling Men’s Rings

The jewelry store can help you figure out the band size of your preferred ring. You will just need to decide which finger you would like to wear. For the cross-sectional width, it will entirely depend on your preferences.

Know the Different Ring Materials

A ring can be made out of different materials. Choosing the best one will depend on your personal preference. Below are some of the materials you can pick out:

  • Gold
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Gold is one of the most popular materials in jewelry. It has three lovely shades: white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Moreover, this type of material is sold in karat value. Hence, you can choose to get a ring in 10k gold or 24k gold, whichever you prefer.

  • Silver

Silver is known to be less costly than gold. However, they can also be expensive, depending on their quality. In most cases, sterling silver is frequently chosen by buyers and jewelry enthusiasts.

Your Guide to Buying and Styling Men’s Rings
  • Platinum

Another type of material you can choose is platinum. Just like gold, this is also sold in karat value. Furthermore, platinum is somewhat similar to silver, but with a mellower color.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is known for being affordable. Besides that, most of this material is hypoallergenic. Hence, if you are looking for an affordable hypoallergenic jewelry material, this might be the one for you.

  • Titanium

This type of material is lightweight and has a silver-tone. If you are looking for a durable material for your ring, you can opt for this metal. This is because titanium rings are water-resistant and are challenging to scratch. Like stainless steel, they are also hypoallergenic.

  • Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide has a silver-tone color and is denser than titanium. Moreover, this material is great for men who like their rings to be heavier than the usual. However, it is vital to note that tungsten carbide is not suitable for those who are allergic to cobalt, nickel, and other metals.

Your Guide to Buying and Styling Men’s Rings
  • Cobalt Chrome

This material similarly looks like platinum. However, it is harder and scratch-resistant. Rings made out of cobalt chrome are considered safe for those with nickel allergies. 

  • Palladium
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This material is used to make pieces of jewelry look like platinum but is cheaper in most cases. However, it is less durable and lighter than platinum.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic is best known for being scratch-resistant and cheap. It is non-metallic as well. This material can be created to look like other metals.

Settle On A Price

Before you want to spend cash on your ring, you have to decide whether you want to buy it. The ring needs to work for your taste and style. If it won’t look good on you or if it’s too expensive, it might not be the best one for you.

Your Guide to Buying and Styling Men’s Rings

Men’s Rings Style Guide

The following are ring style tips you might want to know:

Less Is More

You have to know how to balance out your jewelry. And like any other type of accessories, less is often also more when it comes to rings. For example, if you already have a watch and a wedding ring on your right hand, it would be best to put your other rings on the left. 

Make Sure Your Ring Fits

When it comes to rings, fit matters. Just like in choosing your clothes, you have to find a ring that fits your body shape. A big ring on a man’s large hands might look good on him. However, this might be uncomfortable for individuals with small fingers.

Your Guide to Buying and Styling Men’s Rings

Match Your Metals (Or Not)

It would be best to pick out a material that looks well together for your ring. Before, mixing gold and silver is a big no when it comes to styling your jewelry. However, since times are now changing, you can mix and match whatever you like with no judgment. 

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Men can wear rings and be fashionable. This type of jewelry can be accessorized with whatever you may be wearing. Furthermore, with different types of materials and ring designs available in the market, you will surely find the best one that fits your style.

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