The Effect of Social Media on Identity

The Effect of Social Media on Identity

Almost everyone we know can be found on the internet! Everyone has a thing for social media: especially young people. Whether one loves to dance or loves to post pictures of themselves enjoying a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, it is relatively easy for one to be caught up in the lure of social life. However, unwittingly, these individuals are letting interactive media affect their take on the globe and their personal identity as a whole. 

Creating an online persona has both positive and negative effects on one’s overall behavior. The virtual planet has such an adverse effect on one’s perceptions that the real world can start feeling fake. The media affects several important aspects of society, which can be read in detail in students’ papers about social media. It is easy for one to share their photo album or details of their lived experience on the net, but sharing such aspects of one’s lives can have some adverse effects on one’s personality. 

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Emerging new ideas in interaction

On interactive forums, adults’ and adolescents’ interaction with their peers is different than normal interactions. For instance, geographic distance has been overcome, and one can freely express themselves freely in diverse ways. From oral communication to written, anything is possible with the net. A study by Dooly in 2017 also showed that individuals are not only engaging in oral and written communication but are communicating through other forms such as photos and videos. 

However, some fall victim to harassment on the net. Research by Boyd in 2011 shows that some individuals create a fake online personality and act differently from how they usually behave in ordinary life. We can find several individuals around the globe who are ready to explore different sides of themselves on the net. By creating a false avatar, one can shift their identity or even secure multiple personalities successfully. Interacting through a false avatar for a prolonged time can eventually start affecting one’s usual personality. 

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The good and bad of one’s self-esteem on the media 

Most individuals go on their socials without thinking about the consequences it can have on their self-esteem. But eventually, they realize that what their peers think of them can affect their mood and personality. Most individuals who are active on their social forums are undeniably influenced by the number of ‘likes’ they get on their latest picture or the number of followers on their Instagram or Twitter account. While the truth is that none of these matters, one can quickly go down this whirlwind and get lost in the ‘likes’ and ‘retweets.’ 

Most influencers on the media portray a ‘perfect’ image. They post the most beautiful pictures of themselves that are highly edited to fit the industry’s standards, act as if they are on vacation every single week, and never show their struggles to their followers. The individuals who see these perfect illusions begin to doubt their own self-identity and their worth. Social networking has had an adverse effect on the younger generation, which needs to be addressed globally to normalize normal lives. 

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The effects of following such perfection on such platforms can go beyond the mental and get to an individual’s physical aspects. Some may be tempted to get the same lifestyle as their favorite influencers, and that can bring a drastic change in the way they dress, talk, and the friends they keep. There is a constant struggle among aspiring influencers to be accepted by their followers, idolized even. In some cases, individuals have been led to depression due to the mounting pressures of not fitting in with societal expectations. 

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Not only that, many are severely addicted to their phones and cannot go a few minutes without checking into their socials. They are in a constant state of anxiety, merely waiting for the next notification to pop up on their phones. One can learn more about such horrendous effects in this paper. This has caused them to be alienated from real life and has even caused problems such as sleeping disorders, anxiety, and unable to function normally. 

It’s not all negative, though! 

Most children these days are glued to their phones and tablets, which has raised the alarm among their parents on whether or not they should be allowed to do that. While there are several negatives of being active on the media, it must be taken into consideration that it is not all bad. Several individuals have made it big thanks to the power of interactive forums. Thanks to easy shareability, creative individuals can easily create and share their art with their millions of followers. Whether one creates charcoal sketches or makes fun vlogs of their day to day activities, several platforms allow such individuals to share their creativity with the globe. 

These influencers are not only able to build a life of their dreams for themselves but have also influenced a generation of followers and showed them that anything is possible. Such influencers spark a vision in their followers and let them know that one can unleash one’s true potential by embracing themselves fully. 

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It has also made it possible for one to remain in contact with their distant friends and family. By checking up on one’s social account, we can easily be informed about our loved ones and the latest happenings. 

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Through it all, we must remember that we live in a community and not on the net. We were also not born to be accepted but to let others rejoice in our individualities. It is best for us not to get sucked into the glitz and glamor of the media and make the best of these resources instead.

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