5 Biggest Innovations in Casino Technology cover

5 Biggest Innovations in Casino Technology

Back in 1940, the very first casino was built in the US. It was in Nevada, and shortly afterwards more casinos started to pop up in this state. Today Las Vegas is universally recognized as the casino town. It did not take long for the other states or countries in general to see the appeal of this entertainment, and just how fast the industry can grow. 

The gambling industry has some of the fastest-growing businesses in the world, and it’s able to keep up with the pace that technological development is setting. Here we will be going over some of the most impactful innovation in casino technology, and explain why they are so important. 

5 Biggest Innovations in Casino Technology

Going Digital

Online casinos have been quite a trend for the past decade, and this digitalization of casino games has brought in a tidal wave of new users. Not only were the games more accessible, but it was also more convenient to play and faster-paced. The world of digital casinos offered a different experience than land-based institutions, obviously, but with it came a whole lot of advantages as well. 

Young users and students who are eligible to play experienced these games for the first time online. Since they are no strangers to the digital environment it was easy for them to navigate and they had no issue figuring out how everything works, whereas old-timers felt more comfortable playing in a land-based environment. 

This allowed casinos to create a number of incentives for students and young users, in order to win them over and get them to try their platforms. Since funds could be one of the barriers to entry for those who are still in college and don’t have jobs there were incentives like deposit 1 pound get 20 free, or similar. This allowed students to basically play with just a minor deposit that they could easily come up with. Thanks to Gamblizard and similar sites it was also easy for the users to find online casinos that offered those bonuses, and check if they were legitimate and secure platforms. This influx of young new users caught everyone’s attention and more and more online casinos started to appear.    

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Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about technological development we have to mention artificial intelligence. AI is useful on multiple levels, and it is also one of the technologies that changed casino businesses. For starters, we have chatbots that are very useful for handling a large number of users who are accessing the casino online. They direct them to relevant pages or even help them with registration, FAQ, or other queries they might have.

A lot of information is analyzed by using AI, which also impacts their experience online and gives them a more personalized set of options. It can also be used to identify potentially problematic players and help the owners maintain a responsible gambling environment. This is important as it allows them to comply with some of the latest regulations that are imposed on this industry. Finally, Ai can help older customers navigate through land-based casinos, or help new players understand the rules of a particular game.

VR Casinos

Although VR tech still has room to grow it still helps improve the digital experience. The innovation in this field will allow players to experience full glamour of the land-based casinos from the comfort of their home.  


5 Biggest Innovations in Casino Technology

One of the main hurdles online casinos had to overcome is safe payments or safekeeping of sensitive information. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies, and willingness of the casinos to accommodate them, the users feel a lot more comfortable playing online. 

Cloud Gaming and Live-play

Finally, thanks to cloud technology players are not even required anymore to download the apps in order to participate. Not only that, but they don’t have to play all by themselves. Thanks to this tech they can play synchronously on the digital table with other players around the world. This technology even made the World Series of Poker tournaments possible entirely online. 

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It is clear that technology had a huge impact on the casino industry and user experience. With new and better tools we can craft better environments, better entertainment, and user safety is also increased. The goal of the industry is to improve its gaming options, increase user convenience, and keep negative experiences to a minimum. So the main improvements that we can expect are likely to come in those areas. 

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