7 Must-Have Accessories for the Career Go-Getter

7 Must-Have Accessories for the Career Go-Getter

Details matter, especially for the professional. A successful man looks the part, right down to his choice of accessories. For the up-and-comer, you need smart office outfits that show you’re serious about your career. While trendy items are always appealing, more traditional pieces are a better bet from the point of view of professionalism, not to mention economics. In this case, you’re in luck, because one of the hottest trends right now is slow fashion, meaning that the classics are in.

Read on to find out seven accessories every career go-getter needs to own.

1. Silk Tie

A smart suit is a given for any professional man, and so is a quality tie. Silk is the fabric of choice. Solids like black, blue, and red coordinate easily with just about every suit, but classics like paisleys are also acceptable. Save the novelty ties for casual Fridays, and only if they match the office ethos.

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2. White Pocket Square

In addition to a suit and tie, every career man needs a pristine white pocket square. Chic and stylish, pocket squares add a dapper detail that shows you understand fashion. Better yet, they’re easy to fold and won’t set you beaucoup bucks.

3. Oxford Shoes

Quality shoes are another must-have for professional men. Select black or brown, whichever coordinates best with your suit. Oxfords also look great with jeans and chinos, so they’re guaranteed to get plenty of use. To help your shoes last longer, buy at least two pairs and alternate days so they have a day to dry out between wears.

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4. Dress Socks 

White sweat socks do not cut it when it comes to looking professional. Invest in solid neutrals like black, navy, and grey. If your office is more fashion-forward, you can go for argyle. Natural fibers are best, such as wool, cotton, or silk. Polyester is a distant second as it can make your feet smell, not something you want to bring to an important meeting.

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5. Leather Belt

A high-caliber belt is another wardrobe essential for serious career men. Stick with a simple pin buckle and a narrow style, under an inch and a half. Full grain leather is your best bet. Well cared for, it should last for years. Be wary of anything marked ‘genuine leather’ which is actually the lowest grade available as it will tend to break down quickly. As for color, it couldn’t be easier: match your belt to your shoes.

6. Classic Timepiece

With the possible exception of a wedding ring or tie tack, professional men don’t wear much in the way of jewelry. But every man can feel comfortable wearing a watch. Yes, your phone will tell you the time, but a wristwatch conveys much more about the wearer. Men who wear watches come across as people who take time seriously. Another plus of a watch: it won’t distract you like cell phones tend to do. As to style, when it comes to office wear, the simpler the better. Analog is a classic, but digital is also acceptable. A leather or chainlink band is also a matter of personal choice.

5 Reasons You Should Buy A Watch cover.
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7. Sleek Wallet

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Even if you never go out with coworkers or clients, you don’t want to suffer the embarrassment of running into a higher-up at the local coffee shop and having them see your crummy excuse for a wallet. Get a leather bifold. You can also find smart wallets that offer RFID protection, and as a bonus are produced with sustainable textiles for linings. An all-around win.

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