Dior Men’s Fall 2021 Paris

Take your front-row seat and experience the Dior Men’s Fall/Winter 2021-2022 show by Kim Jones in real time!

Take a preview peek at the scenography from the exclusive video unveiling the Dior Men collection by Kim Jones in collaboration with artist Peter Doig. 

With spectacular #DiorSavoirFaire distilled by this coat densely embroidered by @Vermont.Paris, this opener sets the tone for a colorful collection that draws inspiration from ceremonial costume.

Whether as layered looks in lustrous ‘Dior and Peter Doig’ camo prints or abstracted cashmere knits, the timeless military motif was reinterpreted in hues ranging from dusky to eye-popping in the just-ended showing of #DiorWinter21 by @MrKimJones in a nod to the palette associated with the collection’s collaborative artist @PeterDoig.

Sample some of the highlights of the just-unveiled #DiorWinter21collection by @MrKimJones created in collaboration with artist @PeterDoig.

Channeling the latter’s oeuvre, whether indirectly through his color palette or directly through motifs drawn from his paintings, the collection draws inspiration from the timeless masculine elegance of ceremonial costume as viewed through a contemporary prism rooted in #DiorSavoirFaire.

The latter specially conceived two motifs – one that’s a likeness of Monsieur Dior’s beloved dog, Bobby, and the other a lion that references the artist’s own output – both rendered with a blurred effect that mimics the painter’s style, further alluded to in an evocation of brushstrokes on another sweater.

Knitwear provides a metaphorical canvas for animalistic imagery in the #DiorWinter21 collection by @MrKimJones in collaboration with artist @PeterDoig.

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