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Small Talk with Sexy Boy George – Pictures Exclusive by Joan Crisol

He was born in Cuba, he went to live in Spain when he was 11 years old, his life has changed for good, the small talk with sexy boy George exclusive and spectacular photos by Joan Crisol for fashionablymale.net

The small talk with Jorge Cobian reveals to us a bit of his Cuban soul, who has grown and surprised a lot by the Canary Island where he lives. The meeting on the beach with the famous photographer Joan Crisol and what he likes to show on his Only Fans page.

We remember that we met Jorge in 2019 in some photos by our friend Adrián C. Martín. And when we saw him, I immediately told Adrián that he was going to be great.

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His charisma is contagious, he has a look that melts so many people, and a body that is envied by others. George’s face is blushing, we cannot see it, but we can feel it.

George thanks for accepting this small talk. We love that you say and express what you want for our audience and for your fans.

FM: As fans, we want to know your measurements, height, weight and where you are from.

JC: First of all, I feel very special and lucky to be interviewed for this 😊. Answering your first question, my height is 5’5″ around 149 pounds and originally from VillaClara (Cuba 🇨🇺), I remember arriving on Canary Island when I was 11 years old and being surprised by the style and quality of life.

How did you start working as a model?

Well, I started working as a model by chance, at that time, I was working as an acrobat dancer in a show in Ibiza.

George by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male

How did you meet photographer Adrián C. Martin?

We met through social networks, he found me and he contacted me offering to do some test shoots one day to see how it goes, then that day came, I remember being very nervous and he told me that these photos would be for tests, etc., soon after I started to feel more comfortable and less nervous to the point that those photos came out very very cool and once published the truth is that it gave a good impact to its audience, pleasing me a lot. I remember receiving many congratulations from people I didn’t know, photographers talking to me, etc.

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How do you feel when photographers start to photograph you?

It was an experience that marked me a lot, I liked it! I guess it’s like everything if you don’t know the person at first, at least in my case I’m a bit shy once the shooting starts, I transform 😆 I bring out my most sexy and confident side.

George by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male

We saw you in some very sexy underwear photos, but what kind of underwear do you wear?

Haha I usually wear briefs, they are cooler and on this island with so much sun ☀️ it’s great, I use boxer only in winter.

How did you meet beloved friend and photographer Joan Crisol?

How I met Jon Crisol? Uff, I remember that he contacted me through Instagram messages, commenting me on the amazing physique I had, and he offering me a job on La Palma, and undoubtedly to date it has been the best shooting experience I have ever had.

George by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male

Where were the photos taken, they are fantastic !, the view of the sea, and you in a speedo?

I remember that with me there were 4 of us and we were on our way to a location of very difficult access in La Palma in which it seemed that this place was created by the gods, it was spectacular an immense cave where the Atlantic sea entered and at the same time towards a small town, fishermen, all that is, in one place. The shooting was very fun haha, putting aside how nice and comfortable it makes you feel in the middle of the shooting, I remember that Joan brought two bags with two octopuses 🐙 that was the best part, I had a lot of fun as I said today the best for me!

George by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male

All the guys who have worked with Joan have posed naked or in very sexy underwear, whose idea was it to take you to the beach?

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Well, the idea of going to the beach 🏝 was mutual, I wanted to have that kind of content and at that time it was also great haha, his charisma and sympathy made everything easier for you!

Physique Pictorial with George by Joan Crisol

Part I. If you like this content let us know. The original pictures can be found at Joan’s and George’s instagram account and OnlyFans.

George by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male

What makes you uncomfortable about modeling for photographers?

Well, nothing really bothers me, sometimes if it is true that it shocks me to see myself with some design of clothing or swimsuit that I am not used to, but nothing that can’t prevent of doing my work ✌🏻

What do you like the most about modeling for photographers?

What I like the most is to see the result of our work and clearly show them to my Fans, they are everything to me without them, I would not be where I am.

George by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male

Seeing that many Insta-models have Only Fans, what is the difference in your content that makes us your loyal fans?

Well, my OnlyFans is not like others, it is not the typical. Once you enter, I advise you to have a towel or a fan because the temperature will rise up.

“I feel a lot of support from my Fans on that platform and I show them my hottest side!”


Even though he’s now a public figure, George is having his bare feet planted on the ground.

George by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male

The pandemic hit all of Spain hard, how did you survive?

The pandemic did hit hard in Spain, but as in other countries, the truth is that unfortunately where I live in Canary Island is the area where there are the most unemployed; but thank God it went well for me and I try to get a brand of swimsuits own!

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Quick questions, the first thing that comes to mind.

  • Favorite dish: Congris Cubano, Rice congri and pork.
  • What do people like about your body? They tend to really like my feet, my abs, and my face.
George by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male
George is wearing Bodybuilding Low Cut Brief by Modus Vivendi.
  • Tell us something that people don’t know about you, but what would you like to share? Mmm. Well, I am a very funny, I like to help others.

I love cooking, I feel great, relaxes me and inspires me to new goals in my life, haha it seems silly but it is reality. ❤️


With a great attitude, George surprises us!

George by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male
  • Song for workout Hahaha right now I feel very identified with Bad Bunny, I hear all his songs over and over again hahaha 😂 I love it!
  • Favorite exercise routine? My routines now in the midst of a pandemic and with the gym closed, the only thing that keeps me in shape is the bicycle, I am addicted to the descent or going up to the mountain top with my bicycle.
George by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male
George is wearing the Bodybuilding Tanga Brief by Modus Vivendi.

Thanks for everything George, if you would like to say a few words to all the people who follow you and who love your content on OnlyFans.

Guys, thank you for your support, I hope to continue receiving your expressions of affection, I wish you all the blessing in the world I love you I LOVE you!

George by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male

All swimwear is provided by Modus Vivendi. Stay tuned for more.

Photographer Joan Crisol @joan_crisol
Model George @georgecc__ OnlyFans: @xyesbabyx
Swimwear Modus Vivendi @_modus_vivendi_

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