4 Types of Watch Straps to Match Your Personal Brand cover

4 Types Of Watch Straps To Match Your Personal Brand

Everyone has their distinct personal style when it comes to fashion. From head to toe, people want to dress up presentably to be confident in socializing and doing usual routines. However, unlike the frequency of changing clothes, you’ve probably never got a chance to switch watches as often as shifting trendy outfits. Hence, when buying a watch, you should carefully consider and dismantle all of its details. The watch’s technical parts are highly crucial, but some people forget how equally important it is to find the best watch straps that can fit their sense of style.

4 Types of Watch Straps to Match Your Personal Brand

Unfortunately, watches are more expensive than other fashionable items in your closet. Handcrafted, vintage, and branded watches cost a fortune, and will hit your bank balance hard. One way to create different looks and outcomes from a single watch is through changing straps. With Perlon watch straps, for instance, you’ll be able to play with your usual watch and transform your getup almost instantly. 

Swapping a watch strap can transform your look and enhance your personal brand. Here are the different kinds of watch straps that you can use and match with some of your favorite watches in your collection:

  1. NATO Strap 

This strap goes as far back as 1970s and was popularized by British armies. The NATO strap was first called ‘G10.’ It has become widely recognized by many males in the military. Its popularity has spread throughout the general public, eventually becoming a global trend.

Military green Perlon NATO strap
Military green Perlon NATO strap.

Many males appreciate NATO straps for their features and abilities. In the past, these were usually sold in military surplus shops, and they were even sold out quickly. Many watch strap retailers took advantage of such strong sales potential. Hence, nowadays, they’ve become one of the staple watch strap designs, and will remain popular even in the coming decades. 

  1. Leather Strap
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Back when pocket watches were starting to be seen on men’s wrists, many watch designers decided to utilize leather to connect the pocket watch to the human wrist. Leather is known for its soft, supple, and luxurious-looking features. Over time, the leather watch strap has evolved and changed its material dominations, such as exotic skins, like alligator, ostrich, snake, and other reptiles.Leathers made from animal skins are usually hard-wearing and unsusceptible to any external factors. However, over the years, their prices have gradually hiked. Leather straps can add a luxurious feel to outfits. You can also opt for a cheaper leather type, which comes from calf or camel skin. Leather is long-lasting, but also needs some cleaning and maintenance.

4 Types of Watch Straps to Match Your Personal Brand
  1. Rubber Strap

Contemporary watch stylists have generated the birth of rubber watch straps. These target males who are sporty and outgoing. Affordable watches often go for this type of strap since it’s flexible and versatile. Many current designer brands have currently joined the bandwagon and have designed their take on rubber straps.

  1. Oyster

An Oyster watch bracelet design was first introduced in the 1930s by Rolex, which has remained one of the top luxury watch brands for men. Ever since, it has been a classic and elegant watch strap design. It’s designed through the thick three-piece link model and has become the standard popular classic watch design, especially for mature and professional men.

4 Types of Watch Straps to Match Your Personal Brand

Besides its massive popularity, the reason why many people like this strap is because of its durability. The wide center bar creates the link chain strong and will never leave a chance to stretch out. There are minimal probabilities of breakpoints, making this watch strap highly robust. The only downside of it is its weight and stiffness. But, if your priority is the durability and longevity feature, then go for this watch strap.

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These are just some of the vast varieties of watch strap designs available in the market these days. The best way to choose your preferred watch strap is to know how you want to present yourself in fashion and style. Let your watch strap define your personal brand.

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