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The summary of 2021 resumes the best and hottest stories in 21 articles published in fashionablymale.net

According to our stats and that you love for our site, you didn’t stop scrolling into this stories, let’s check it out, we have international male models, European models, and fashion, NSFW stories and more. Let’s keep continuing scroll into this page.

21 – Brian Kaminski shots DW Chase – Part 1 & 2

Photographer Brian Kaminski had a fabulous year that you can see in his gram, but the hottest story was with model DW Chase.

20 – Fall in the charms of Bruno Miranda by Adrián C. Martín

This fitness guy is a Spanish male model named Bruno Miranda, and when Adrián shared this to us, we couldn’t refuse it. Bruno has it all, looks, fitness body, and great attitude.

19 – Mario Adrion for Fashionably Male Mag Pride Edition 2021

Mario and Mirko worked together before, we’ve been luck having an exclusive story for all of us. But this time it became a project we couldn’t refuse. Our first Pride Edition, launches with queer YouTube Star Mario Adrion. The story can be find below:

18 – George Cobian Presents COBIANC for Fashionably Male Mag Pride Edition 2021

Having the launch of this entrepreneur and instagram model Spanish George Cobian in the Pride Edition was a blast! Everybody loves George! He’s become one favorite model not only in Tenerife Islands, but around the world. Thanks to this marvelous work with MDZ Management photography. The launch of the brand COBIANC was a completely success.

17 – Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2021 with Omar Ayuso & Isaac Cole Powell.

Discover moments of Pride in the new Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2021 with Omar Ayuso & Isaac Cole Powell. This story gained so much visitors and reviews on Pinterest and Tumblr. Anywho, who Omar and Isaac are magnets on internet.

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16 – Eyes on: Nacho Penín photographed by Alejandro Brito

As we predicted, when we met Nacho two years ago, Nacho has become a real Top Model. Several fashion publications around the world, working along with Dsquared2, modeling for Versace and more. But when we published this content photographed by Alejandro Brito blew our minds.

15 – Sergio Perdomo Photographed by Duvan Chaves

Another one big prediction was with model Sergio Perdomo. He’s now a Top Model. Everybody wants to work with Sergio. This story by Duvan Chaves makes Sergio a humble, down-to-earth kind of guy. But he’s very lovable.

14 – ‘Thongmania’ The Fall/Winter 2021 Collection by Modus Vivendi

Photography by beloved friend Joan Crisol and starring by Instagram hottest hunks like Paolo Bellucci, Alexis Abreu, Luis Beltran Avila, Martin Ivanov and Alessio Benini using only thongs from the A/W 2021 by Modus Vivendi. We’re speechless!

13 – The Boys Next Door: Christian Hogue & Maverick McConnell by Davis Bates

We’re shocked that this is not the number one, but Christian and Maverick (first time collaborating) and working with Davis Bates is the best summer hottest story you can see it right now. Spoiler alert, you can see this guys into the pool with only wearing a tighty whitie.

12 – Exclusive – ‘Farmer Boy’ Yuval by Eran Levi

When Eran shared this during the summer, oh boy! Just completely shocked about it. Meeting Yuval playing as a ‘farmer boy’ was the best erotic idea that Eran could’ve have.


11 – Exclusive Interview with Sam

Sam always is sharing his content with us, but most of the time we can’t re-post it, because you know, restrictions on Social Media sucks, but we took this risk, and we started to talk with Sam, and ended in a nice interview and we picked some nice snaps from his IG and revisited & remixed using our tools. Check it out.

TOP 10

10 – Christian Hogue by Kat Irlin

We’re not surprised that Christian is in our list several times, but you can’t miss this one by Kat Irlin.

9 – Miami Swim Resort 2021

Finally after this pandemic hit hard in all fashion shows in Miami, and now that people is vexed and ready to be out supporting local brands, we couldn’t attend this time Miami Swim Resort 2021, as many people couldn’t flight over there, visited our site to check it out the full recap.

8 – Handsome InstaModel Michael Yerger for Rounderbum

Major biggest star in the ‘gram, Model Michael Yerger who has been in the latest Rounderbum underwear campaign, this cancer-sign boy is here to conquer our worlds.

7 – Meet Fedor in NSFW Pics by Max R.

Oh boy! Oh child! When Fedor approached us and shared his pics with us, we said this has to be in our pages, and we set a nice short Q/A. And we met Max R and he kindly shared this work with us. ALL EXCLUSIVE FOR US!

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6 – Shots by Mladen Here’s Levi Cox in Exclusive

Epic story in January of this year, Fitness insta model Levi Cox in shots by Mladen. The pictures are really good. The redhead can be seen shirtless, in CK briefs and naturally he bare it all.

5 – Photos of Dominic Albano to Make You Sweat This Summer

The summer of 2021 was hot hot hot. In this exclusive interview with Dominic and that we took his pic and upgraded with some cool vintage editions, really cool guy, and really good assets. Thank you Dominic!

4 – Bruhmance Jonathan Guijarro & JosDavo by Joan Crisol Exclusive

This pair of hunks stars this story exclusive shot by Joan Crisol in Madrid. Jonathan and Josdavo were so happy to work with us, and this story transcends in the internet, and also in print you can find the full prints in our Pride Edition 2021.

3 – Steve Grand for Fashionably Male Mag Pride Edition 2021

Everybody gagged having Steve in our pages and stars our first Pride Edition. Steve and photographer Antony Kozz was really kind and humble to work with us in this project. Steve is a beautiful human being not only outside, but inside too. He suffered two times COVID19, he’s okay and his brand GRANDAXIS is a must in your wardrobe. Plus don’t forget to order his 2022 hot calendar. We’re forever thanked them. Find the full story here:

2 – Small Talk with Sexy Boy George – Pictures Exclusive by Joan Crisol

Having George in our top 2 is not surprised. A big plus is having George two times in this Summary one with MDZ Management and the other with Spanish photographer Joan Crisol is a great feature. George is modeling tiny pieces from Modus Vivendi and you can see in his OnlyFans more hot pics.

1 – Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo: TikTok, their time is Now!

Having on TOP 1 in our 2021 Summary TikTok popular couple Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo and plus a really nice interview, everybody was insane about it. Reaching this interview to highest ranks in our history. This guys are so popular than BTS or similar.

˝Thank you to all people involved behind and in front. We wish you only the very best for 2022.˝

Chris McCracken (Editor)

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