Boglioli Menswear SS21 Lookbook cover

The Fashion presentation of Boglioli S/S 2021 Lookbook

Here’s The Fashion presentation of Boglioli S/S 2021 Lookbook.

I first came across Boglioli about a decade ago, in a time when Italian Sartoria was bursting into the menswear scene much thanks to Scott Schuman’s work as a street style photographer.

Boglioli SS21 Lookbook
Courtesy of ©BOGLIOLI

The Sartorialist brought Italian Style

There’s no denying that The Sartorialist brought Italian Style into the blogosphere and soon after to mainstream menswear publications. Back then I had just changed my entire professional life to pursue fashion and was working as a store manager at Por Vocação, a superb high-end men’s fashion store which carried Boglioli, among many others. 

Mind you, this was time when unlined construction and natural shoulders were rare and unknown to many, but there I was, lucky enough to style and handle the outstanding creations from this Italian label. 

Its trademark K-Jacket was a hallmark of soft tailoring, featuring luxurious fabrics mixed with unlined construction, soft shoulders and a “rolling 3-button” or “three roll two″ closure.

This means that despite being a 3 button-jacket in essence, which was considered outdated even by those days standards, the construction allowed the lapels to roll directly to the middle button, making the top button almost invisible and thus making it look like a regular 2 button jacket. While there are many brands that are doing it nowadays, trust me when I tell you that back then, you could only find this type of details in creations from Italian tailors. 

Masterfully deconstructed silhouette, providing a relaxed but impeccable fit.⁣

Meticulously handcrafted in Italy, the Dover suit is the epitome of Boglioli’s sartorial excellence.⁣

Construction aside, there were just an assortment of incredible attention to detail poured into its garments, from the mother-of-pearl buttons, to the unique fabric selection, some of which made from ridiculously thin fibers that allowed jackets to regain their original shape after being crinkled to the extreme.

Despite not being such a hardcore fan as I once was, to me Boglioli will forever remain the epitome of luxury ready-to-wear casual tailoring. A calming seasonal color palette with hues of soft beige and shades of blues.

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