8 Fun Home Décor Ideas that Are Environmentally-Friendly Too

8 Fun Home Décor Ideas that Are Environmentally-Friendly Too

Most of us are compelled to live in the world of concrete and surrounded by pollution, be it our homes, offices, or on the road. If you want to live a life that is closer to nature, you can bring a bit of nature into your home with natural décor ideas. These fun, beautiful ideas are kinder to the planet as well! 

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The Key to Sustainable Home Décor Ideas 

Once you have decided to decorate your home to make it more sustainable, you should focus on the following important elements: 

  1. Natural Fibers 
  2. Live Plants 
  3. Woven Textures 
  4. Raw Wood Accents 
  5. Terracotta and Clay Pottery 
  6. Natural Light 
  7. Antiques and Vintage Items 

You do not have to completely change the theme of your house or even use all of the above-mentioned elements in one room. Go for what you like the most. Also remember that you don’t have to change everything at once, just begin with one or two ideas and introduce more when you have the budget. 

Here are the 8 fun and environmentally-friendly home décor ideas you can get started with today.

  1. Sheepskin Rugs 

Sheepskin rugs are natural as well as aesthetically appealing. Superior quality sheepskin rugs are perfect to decorate your bedrooms and living rooms. This classic English tradition will to provide comfort and warmth underfoot and is sure to become the favourite of your entire family. 

  1. Raw Wood Accents 

No home is complete without furniture, but contemporary furniture is often treated with chemicals. If you are planning to buy some new furniture, think about minimal and chemical-free wood pieces. There is nothing more natural than pure, non-treated wood. Contemporary furniture often features polyurethane gloss that makes it shine but is not actually necessary. Natural wood has its own unique character that comes from its wear, dents, and pitting. 

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  1. Woven Textures

Cane furniture, tweed fabrics, baskets, rattan pieces, and even light fixtures are great ways to bring interesting woven textures into a room.  Since these textures are mostly composed of natural materials, they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Additionally, their uniqueness will makes them the focal point. Why not take your woven basket to the market to shop for fruits and vegetables instead of returning home with too many plastic bags? These are not only decorative pieces, but are also highly functional. 

  1. Terracotta, Stone, and Clay Pottery 

For thousands of years, our ancestors relied on stone and clay for serving food and drinks. You do not necessarily have to make them functional but only their presence in your room and dining area delights the sight. One great idea is looking for decorative items linked to ancient civilisations. This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive original antiques – there are plenty of replicas available. Or support crafts people in local communities who use age-old techniques to make terracotta, stone, and clay pottery. 

  1. Native Indoor Plants 

Faux flowers are also appealing and have many benefits but natural indoor plants have no competition when it comes to sustainability. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, buying an expensive imported indoor plant might live for a few weeks before it inevitably can’t survive in foreign conditions. Whatever plants you choose, make sure to do your research and choose species that are suitable to the conditions. 

  1. Natural Fibers 

Wool and jute rugs, cotton blankets, and linen pillows are some of the options you should consider to make natural fibers a permanent part of your lifestyle. Not only do these natural fibers bring a touch of class, but they are also highly durable.  Furthermore, synthetic fibers do not even come closer to sustainable organic fibers  when it comes to tradition and legacy. 

  1. Vintage Items and Antiques 
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Sustainable vintage and antiques are amazing for three major reasons.  Not only do they have a unique style, but these pieces can show incredible craftsmanship. Best of all, they do not involve using more resources or polluting as part of the manfacturing process, as is the case with many new items.

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  1. Candles 

Candles bring in a natural feel and a romantic ambiance to any room, not to mention allowing you to reduce your reliance on electric lights. This, in turn, helps to cut air pollution and reduce green house gas emissions.

But choosing the right candle is important. Most low-quality candles contain VOCs – the same harmful material that you’ll find in paint. Additionally, some candles have a metal support for the wick which is not environmentally-friendly. Instead, opt for the candles made of beeswax or soy and scented with natural essential oils.  

Over thousands of years, technological evolution moved us closer not only to the making about also to depending heavily on inorganic and potentially harmful materials. Today, we seem to have no effective answers to pollutants, plastic, and global warming.

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