Carter Wilson by Tom Cullis for Fashionably Male Mag Pride Edition 2021 cover

Carter Wilson for Fashionably Male Mag Pride Edition 2021

Carter Wilson for Fashionably Male Mag Pride Edition 2021.

˝I would say about Carter Wilson this: he is a great male muse for all the photographers who he has worked in the past and in the next future.˝ –Chris. I open up with this lines, because behind those blue yes, Carter knows how capable is when he jumps in front of the camera lens.

Carter Wilson by Tom Cullis for P

It wouldn’t be a Pride Edition without a physical pictorial, included a fun and interesting interview with Carter, the model is posing for the lens of Tom Cullis.

Golden skin, muscle toned body, square jaw line, pink lips and blue eyes. Carter Wilson, who started to lift heavy weights when he was only 19 years old, this big-hearted southern muscle boy is here in a perfect moment.

Carter Wilson by Tom Cullis for Fashionably Male Mag Pride Edition 2021

He’s a very disciplined and professional fitness model. Tom Cullis—the photographer did a very good job with this male muse.

˝Profound Perfection˝

We talked with Carter about everything, how he was affected by the Pandemic, how he handled it and put himself together, ˝I found time to catch up on reading and home projects I was behind on, and I did a lot of my errands and gym time at suburban or out-of-state locations that had less stringent restrictions than Chicago.˝

Carter Wilson by Tom Cullis for FM Pride Edition 2021

Excited to find more about Carter? Let’s click in the following links and you will purchase the Pride Edition 2021 online and print.

Model Carter Wilson @carter___wilson
Photographer Tom Cullis @tomcullisphoto

Carter Editorial can be find on Pride Edition 2021.

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  1. Ben Smith

    I’ve seen Carter’s pics in other places, but here are the best.

  2. Penelope Withe

    I love Carter Wilson with those blue eyes is beautiful, sexy boy

  3. Thinking about those blue eyes, all the time.

  4. Laura S.

    Excellent edition 2021, meeting Carter Wilson.

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