Luigi Ficarelli by Renato Freitas cover

This is Luigi Ficarelli shot by Renato Freitas

From modeling to be a photographer 

There’s a few people who likes to explore other roads in the fashion industry. Renato Freitas a professional male model who has working for so many years as a male muse. Explores his camera lens and realize how powerful has been this tool for decades. 

Luigi Ficarelli by Renato Freitas

After all this years working in front of the camera lens, working with re-known names of fashion photographers. Renato Freitas works this time behind the lens.

In the following exclusive interview and he shares for the first time his work with male model Luigi. 

Luigi Ficarelli by Renato Freitas

Hi Renato, after all this years, tell us when did you started as a model?

Hi, I’m doing great and you? I started my modeling career in 2009, after one year doing some modeling projects in Goiania (my hometown), I got signed with my first international modeling agency, started traveling right away. Now it’s been seven years that I’m based in Miami USA. I work well there and got the opportunity to work now as a portrait and fashion photographer as well.

Luigi Ficarelli by Renato Freitas
Luigi Ficarelli by Renato Freitas

Working with all these photographer throughout your career as a model, when did you decide to grab a camera lens and started to shoot.

I always liked photography, but I was more into landscape and macro because I was always traveling so it was more like a documentary style type. During the pandemic I had a lot of free time to work on myself and started studying everything about photography, lighting technics and got my own equipment after trying out a friend’s camera for a while and here I’m having fun during the process of it. 

Luigi Ficarelli by Renato Freitas

Would you explain to us this experience with Luigi?

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I’m diving into my field now which is fashion, doing a lot of model portfolio and I choose models who I think would contribute to my portfolio as a photographer as well and Luigi and I became friends two years ago during the “Dolce&Gabbanna” runway show, and now back in Europe we met each other again randomly in Milan Italy, I told him I was looking for good models to work on my portfolio and he came to my place the next day already and the ideas was just flowing, I’m proud and happy with the results we achieved with this first of many photo shoots to come.

How involve you are in this concept?

I’m one-man band, 95% of the time… for this editorial particularly I did everything from start to finish. But it’s great to have a team to work with, so I can focus on just been creative and not worry about styling, hair, makeup, etc.

The more I learn about photography, more I understand that photography it’s pure art, so not just as a photographer but as an artist I’m excited and hungry to learn and produce more and more. 

Luigi Ficarelli by Renato Freitas

How far do you want to go as photographer?

There’s no limit to grow as an artist so let’s aim it high and with no pressure because having fun its important too…(laughs.)

Luigi Ficarelli by Renato Freitas

And tell us, are you going to continue modeling or….

I’m still working as a model, now more focus and the American and European market and don’t see the day to stop coming that soon because for guys the older you get the better it gets.

Luigi Ficarelli by Renato Freitas

Did you open an instagram account as photographer?

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Yes, I have a photography Instagram account, @shotonsitestudios. That’s the best way to see my work, I’m always updating my portfolio there.

Any last words for all your FAN BASE —because we know you have fans:

˝For all my friends, family and followers around the globe, the secret to grow is to keep moving, go out there and do something that matters to you, no time for regrets, taste life now. Thank you for all the support throughout these years.˝

Luigi Ficarelli by Renato Freitas

Renato Freitas (from Shot on Site Studios) @shotonsitestudios 
Personal account as model @renatofreitasm 

Model Luigi Ficarelli @luigificarelli

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