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Dating in the digital era: can online replace traditional dating?

Will going online to connect with potential partners ever become the ‘default’ for singles? It’s a question that reflects the growing numbers of singles gravitating to online dating. (For those interested in the statistics behind this statement, there are now thousands of matching websites out there, catering to a vast array of tastes, and they now initiate over one-third of modern relationships). Of course, this figure could also be taken to reveal that two-thirds of couples still meet in more ‘traditional’ circumstances. But it’s the one-third portion of that graph that is growing most dramatically. Here are the reasons why digital senior dating might, or might not, replace the offline variety.

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Sites cater to an array of tastes

One area where going online is overtaking the ‘old’ way of searching for someone suitable for a relationship is the mature dating demographic. People who have already been through relationship ups and downs, perhaps experiencing the trauma of divorce or bereavement, may well have reached a point where they are wishing to make a fresh start in their lives. Particularly their love lives! Mature singles might feel less comfortable seeking kindred spirits in a club playing the latest dance imports (at loud volume), surrounded by Millennials falling around after taking advantage of happy hours. Going online represents the perfect environment where they can relax and feel comfortable flirting with others on their wavelength.

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Streamlined Communication

Where digital dating wins this hypothetical contest hands down is where communication is concerned. The moment you join a dating site you’ll gain access to so many different ways of striking up a rapport with the other singles. You can take advantage of many dating ‘shortcuts,’ such as adding a ‘like’ to someone’s profile page, or sending them an informal ‘wink.’ Once you reach the stage of taking your courtship to the next level, you can send direct messages by text or email, engage in phone calls, or even video chat. All these streamlined methods of touching base make it straightforward to develop chemistry. This is so much more convenient than anything you might have been familiar with in the offline world.

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People can easily develop chemistry

Perhaps you’ve come across the situation in a club or bar where you’ve been getting on famously with a potential partner, only for someone else to swoop when you went to buy a round. There will always be distractions when you are sharing a location with other singles, all seeking similar outcomes. One-to-one conversations online will be a refreshing change to anything you might have experienced on the traditional dating circuit. You can take your time building a rapport, discovering all the things you have in common. Or if you are looking for casual encounters, you can stoke the fires of passion with minimal seduction before exchanging contact details.

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Dating sites are mostly for introductions

It would be worth pointing out that digital outlets are certainly ideal for providing an atmosphere where singles can gather to browse through profiles or interact in chat rooms. It is all about facilitating meetings between compatible individuals. But many singles can become overly reliant on a comfort zone, settling into a routine of exchanging regular messages, while spending time checking out the details of the latest newcomers to the site. If you want to forge a meaningful bond with someone, it would be recommended to arrange the step up from ‘digital to traditional’ sooner rather than later. Only by meeting someone face-to-face will you truly connect, discovering the hidden personality quirks that are obscured by text exchanges. 

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