How to Choose the Right CBD Treats for Your Dog

CBD treats can be an extremely effective way to treat several health conditions for your dog and improve their overall quality of life. However, it can be challenging to choose exactly what treats are right for your dog’s needs. To decide on the ideal treats for your dog, think about what exactly you want the treats to do and how the treats are formulated.

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What do You Want the CBD Treats to Do?

CBD can have a wide range of health benefits for your dog. Not surprisingly, high-quality CBD treats often contain other ingredients to enhance the effects of the CBD. Choosing the right treat for your dog depends on picking the supplemental ingredients that will have the most effect on what you’re trying to do. Here are a couple of examples of quality CBD treats for specific purposes from InnoVetPet.Com:

Skin and Coat Support

Hemp products can be very beneficial for your dog’s skin and coat, reducing pain and providing beneficial omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids that can reduce over-reaction of the immune system that results in allergy symptoms in the skin. Hemp seed oil is a rich source of Omega fatty acids as well as containing vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are beneficial for building healthy skin and coat. Hemp extract can have a variety of beneficial effects on the cellular level, healing itchy skin and helping new skin to grow.

Three other ingredients are well worth looking for when you are choosing a CBD treat to benefit your dog’s skin and coat:

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●     Lecithin. This essential fat is typically found in a variety of foods including eggs and soy. It can protect the skin by sealing in moisture and results in smoother, soothed skin. It can also help nursing mothers keep ducts free of clogs.

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●     Zinc. Zinc is very beneficial to the immune system, enabling your dog to fight off any bacteria that may find its way into the body through irritated skin, cracked paws, etc. It can be very helpful for enabling your dog to recover from both primary and secondary effects of skin issues.

●     Salmon oil. Like hemp, salmon oil is a rich source of Omega-3 oil to moisturize and soften the coat. It can be very helpful for conditioning and rebuilding the skin.


CBD has been found very effective for soothing anxiety, both for people and our pets. CBD treats can be especially helpful for dogs who are suffering from separation anxiety and is also wonderful for dogs that experience generalized anxiety. There are some other ingredients that can also be helpful for calming your dogs when paired with CBD:

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●     Ashwagandha. This Ayurvedic herb is an ancient remedy for anxiety that naturally reduces cortisol levels and corresponding anxiety.

●     St John’s Wort. This herb has been used to treat anxiety and depression in humans for many years, and it also can have benefits for pets. Not only will it reduce your dog’s anxiety level, but it can also make them happier.

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●     Chamomile. Chamomile relaxes and can help aid sleep, which can be extremely helpful when you’re leaving your dog alone for the day if they are prone to anxiety.

●     Thiamine. Thiamine, or Vitamin B1, improves cell and nerve function and is also important when DNA is created. Sufficient levels of this vitamin reduce emotional stress.

Choose the Highest Quality CBD Treats

CBD oil is an awesome choice as a dietary supplement for people, however, dogs aren’t always enthusiastic about the taste. Therefore, choosing a very high-quality treat is your best bet. Here are some things to look for:

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●     Natural ingredients. Look for CBD treats that are made up of pure, natural ingredients without fillers.

●     Organic hemp. Pick treats that derive hemp from organic sources, since hemp is very good at pulling insecticides and heavy minerals from the soil.

●     Third-party lab tested.  A high-quality company will verify its claims by having its products tested by a third-party lab for effectiveness and purity.

●     A formula based in science. Pick CBD treats that are formulated according to the best current scientific knowledge to make it more likely that they will work well for your dog.

●     Pick a flavor your dog will love. Seek out flavors that your dog is likely to enjoy, like salmon, beef liver, pumpkin, etc. so that your dog will look forward to getting their treat every day.

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Improve Your Dog’s Health With The Right CBD Treats

The best CBD treats for your dog can go a long way to improving a number of different aspects of their health, from their skin and coat to anxiety levels, to mobility, and much more. Be sure to think about what other ingredients are going into the CBD treats that you choose and pick only the highest quality treats to set your dog up for success. 

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