Catching the Last Summer Days: Benjamin Shepherd by Jarrod Adams

We can’t miss this story that we entitled, ˝Catching the Last Summer Days˝ featuring Australian babe Benjamin Shepherd by Jarrod Adams.

We’ve been friends of Benjamin since 2019, randomly we connect via Instagram, and we’ve became ‘grambuddies. Even though he exudes confidence and sexiness. He’s a real great mate.

We don’t think anymore sexiness is not about your muscle size.

I think that coming into your own as a confident person is sexy as hell. Once we become attracted to someone like this, we start to imitate.

For us, Benjamin is one big example of how he’s keeping sane during this hard times, motivating others, motivating with fitness and workouts and of course, he has two jobs: be a model and he’s a carpenter.

Beyond his tone muscle body layer and testosterone, we found the most caregiver, kindess human being you’ve ever meet.

Enjoy the rest of this material.

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Seeing life through a window pane

Naa…better, I’m gonna sleep.

Model Benjamin Shepherd @benjamin__dt_shepherd
Agency @ryanhallmgt & @fivetwentymgt 
Photography Jarrod Adams @jadams_images

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  1. Benjamín is the sweetest guy ever. I can feel it in his eyes 😅

  2. A carpenter? How appropriate. He certainly gave me wood.

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