L.L.Bean x Todd Snyder Fall 2021 Capsule Collection

Here’s the L.L.Bean x Todd Snyder Fall 2021 Capsule Collection titled “Upta Camp” coming 09.24.21 at 11am ET.

“This collection was inspired by all my trips up to L.L.Bean in Maine—I really discovered the love for fishing and hunting… What ‘Upta Camp’ is for Mainers is people getting together, being outdoors.” — Todd

Like Fall 2020’s “From Away” collection, Todd’s latest collaboration with L.L.Bean takes its name from a famous Maine-ism: “Upta Camp,” which is local lingo for getting out into the woods to fish, canoe, explore and make memories.

“L.L.Bean founder Leon Leonwood Bean had this great attitude about fishing and hunting. It wasn’t about how many fish you caught but the experience of getting out there,” says Todd. “I’m really hoping these clothes get people excited about doing whatever it is that helps them recharge, whether that’s hunting for game or just watching the game at their local bar.”

Todd Snyder

Introducing L.L.Bean x Todd Snyder Fall 2021: “Upta Camp.” Coming 09.24.21 at 11am ET. Scroll to explore the lookbook.

Director: @father_risky
Content & Editorial Director: @johnbrodieny

When something works, you stick with it. In the case of the collaboration between Todd Snyder and L.L. Bean last fall, it turned out to be one of the most-successful partnerships the designer had ever produced. So it’s no surprise the relationship is continuing.

Photography @klt63
Styling: @jimmooregq
Art Direction: @pmgutman
Model: @fliboyjoe @conor_fay @elizahartmann
Casting @drewtrew
Grooming @valissayoe 
Set Design: @brett_lindell


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