Embracing the New COVID-dating Reality

Embracing the New COVID-dating Reality

We are slowly entering a new reality: where masks become an essential dress-code part, antiseptics turn into a widespread accessory, or online space into the main, if not the only, communication and relationship building place.

And just like that, changes don’t spare our dating habits as well.

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After the lockdowns and isolations, we are becoming more and more cautious about seeing and chatting with someone in person. Starting from single women in Albuquerque, nm, to lonely men in Chicago – none of us seems to rush into having a drink with our new internet acquaintances anymore.

Why does it happen and is such behaviour in meeting new people becomes an obstacle for having affairs or building serious relationships? Well,  things aren’t as clear-cut as they may seem at first.

Psychological response

The first and foremost reason why people prefer postponing meeting their dates in person is our natural fear of infectious diseases. 

For quite a long time already we’ve been taught, asked and simply convinced to avoid crowded places, as well as any even potentially contagious people. Well, now our psyche is determined to protect us. Even at the cost of meeting new people and finding our love.

At the same time, this subconscious understanding of the risks that seem to be behind every corner makes our already existing relationships deeper and stronger, as we feel the outer (out-of-the-relationships) world is a much more unsafe and uncomfortable place to find ourselves. So instead of diving into a new search for the one and only, we tend to re-examine our current relationships and look for possible solutions and ways to improve them. 

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New matching criteria

Again, the world is changing, and apart from common things, we used to be interested in, such as our partner’s zodiac sign, food preferences or interests, now we start asking about one more aspect – his or her attitude towards Covid, and the precautions that are taken by him or her.

 If it’s a match made in heaven, both of you will treat the pandemic threat from the same perspective. Which is why, today many dialogues start mainly with discussing the vaccination aspects, everyday risk exposure your partner undergoes, and in general his or her views on visiting public places.

Zoom dates

We have gone from intimate relationships without almost knowing each other to value something more honest and true, And one of the possible reasons for this is moving our first dates to Zoom, or any other platforms that enable us to talk online face-to-face.

Users point out that such a form of dating boasts many advantages for both parties. It is much safer, very practical and time effective, as you’re not going anywhere, can easily end it if you feel like it and, let’s be honest, can set even a couple of dates for one evening.


Monitoring your state

Since Coronavirus is a rather insidious disease, and a person can be a carrier of the infection even without any pronounced symptoms, it might be rational to check your health condition  at least minimally before meeting with someone, measure your temperature and double-check whether nobody of your immediate environment is ill with Covid-19.

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