7 Ways To Style A Cafe Racer Leather Biker Jacket

7 Ways To Style A Cafe Racer Leather Biker Jacket

If you are a fan of biker jackets then you surely are well aware of the cafe racer jacket which is a type of biker or motorcycle jacket. However, most people find it difficult to tell the cafe racer biker jacket apart. Such jackets are known to have a straight zipper and a band collar highlighting a minimal style. They are known to have two to four pockets on either side of the waist or chest. 

Men’s leather jackets are surely a fashion statement and are popular amongst everyone. However, the cafe racer biker jacket was mostly famous amongst bikers and racers who wore this jacket to keep themselves safe and comfortable but now the fashion has changed. Men have started wearing this kind of jacket casually too now on an everyday basis. Not just men but even women wear cafe racer jackets all year round in different ways. These jackets are simplistic and have their own style which makes outfits stand out. 

You can wear a cafe racer jacket with almost anything, just wear it with style and you surely are going to slay it. In this blog, we are going to talk about 7 different ways in which you can style your cafe racer biker jacket. So, let us go right on it. 

Casual Day Outfit

7 Ways To Style A Cafe Racer Leather Biker Jacket

Cafe racer biker jackets are comfortable, durable and convenient thus wearing them on your regular days is a complete fit. If you plan on running errands for the whole day but want to look good, dress yourself accordingly so even if you bump into someone alongside your work, you have great energy and feel confident about yourself. Biker racer jackets are extremely comfortable and they do not limit your movement so it is sure that you won’t be hindered while you work. Go for your usual comfort look, wear denim or cotton pants, pair it with a v-necked or round necked t-shirt and slide over the cafe racer biker jacket. Wear sneakers, joggers or trainers and you are good to go. 

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Roadie Outfit

Are you planning a long motorcycle ride with your friends? Well, dressing up for a road trip is not difficult, but picking the right outfit will give you the exact vibes you need and the comfort you should have while you are on the road with your motorcycle.Team up your denim jeans with a crew neck t-shirt and throw on your café racer biker jacket. Go for leather boots as they are robust, comfortable, and great for a long bike ride. To bring your A-game, add bracelets to your wrist, and don’t forget to wear sunshades. 

7 Ways To Style A Cafe Racer Leather Biker Jacket

Office Days Style

Following the same schedule for the office is surely boring and exhausting, but you can surely look forward to what you wear. If you dress yourself according to your liking you definitely are going to get a better vibe about yourself. For your workdays, pick out dark colored khakis and a light colored button-up shirt, with it wear your cafe racer biker jacket. Wear sneakers with your outfit instead of formal shoes to give yourself a perfect work casual look, it is going to be light and breezy but at the same time very attractive. When you leave, don’t forget to wear a watch to keep a track of time. 

7 Ways To Style A Cafe Racer Leather Biker Jacket

Monochrome With A Dash Of Color

When people don’t find anything to wear they pick white and black together and pair it up in the perfect outfit. However, you should know that you are playing it safe and would not stand out from the crowd. We know exactly what to do. If you have a bold colored cafe racer biker jacket that you don’t think suits you, take it out as now is the time. Go for a light colored plain t-shirt and black pants and wear your different colored cafe racer biker jacket over it. We assure you that nothing can go wrong with this look but it surely is going to highlight you. Wear sneakers or loafers with it and you are ready with the safest yet sexiest look.

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7 Ways To Style A Cafe Racer Leather Biker Jacket

Winter Layering

Winters are surely the best time to layer up and get ready while using a lot of textured clothes. Thinking of winter, do not layer yourself exclusively, but use clothing pieces that are warm and when you layer it a bit, it doesn’t give an odd look. You can wear leather pants and a turtle neck with it, make sure to choose the colors wisely as you don’t have to overdo it; layer it with the cafe racer biker jacket. The warmth of the turtle neck, leather pants, and cafe racer biker jacket is going to save you from the cold. Wear leather or suede boots underneath and you are ready.

7 Ways To Style A Cafe Racer Leather Biker Jacket

All Black

Some people are obsessed with wearing a completely black outfit, at some point the outfit becomes who they are, but we think that a twist won’t hurt. Lay down a completely black outfit and with it match your cafe racer biker jacket. If your jacket is in an earthy tone, it is going to complement you thoroughly. Wear a few chains around your neck and also go for sunglasses to match your edgy vibe.

7 Ways To Style A Cafe Racer Leather Biker Jacket

The Dressy Look

If you are going to a smart casual party, the red carpet, or any other place that requires a tinge to your look we know what you should do. Pick a textured button down look with a hit of dark colors, wear formal pants underneath. Wear your cafe racer biker jacket over your look, wear a watch, a necklace, and sunshades to complete your look. 

7 Ways To Style A Cafe Racer Leather Biker Jacket

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So these were the 7 ways in which you can style your cafe racer biker jacket. You do not have to stick to these, you can experiment your own ways too, adding or removing things you do not like or you do not find comfortable. With style and fashion, you should be willing to step out of your comfort zone and experiment as there are lots of outfits that are going to look exceptionally good on you. You just need to try them on.

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