Must-Try Mullet Haircut Styles This Year

Must-Try Mullet Haircut Styles This Year

The mullet haircut for men features short hair on the sides and front but longer hair at the back. There are many ways to style the mullet haircut. However, growing mullet hair requires patience because you will wait for months for your hair to grow. The duration of waiting depends on how fast your hair grows. 

If you have short hair and are desiring a modern mullet, let the hair grow longer. The hair at the back of the head should be longer than the one at the front. When cutting your hair into mullet style, try unique styles like making the hair look messy. Here are some Mullet haircut styles to try before the year ends.

  1. Classic Mullet Haircut

This has been the most common mullet style of all time. However, the style is fading slowly as more modern ones kick in. To achieve the classic mullet, first, grow your hair to shoulder length. Ask your stylist to cut the front and top hair but ensure the lengths with hair at the back create a seamless flow.

  1. Modern Mullet

According to MensHaircuts, this hairstyle is slowly replacing the classic mullet haircut. Let the hair grow longer, but don’t aim for shoulder length. Your barber will then cut the front and the sides. The style is easy to achieve and maintain. 

  1. Mullet Fade

The mullet fade resembles a modern mullet, but the barber adds a fade to it. The resulting hairdo is fabulous. With the fade, you can choose a low, medium, or high fade, depending on your preference. The height of the fade will highly be determined by the shape of your fade. 

  1. French Crop
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You can get one short haircut and add a mullet to it. The French crop cut features a top and fringe, and the style is easy to achieve. Ensure the stylist fades the sides and maintains some length at the back but matches the top. 

  1. Afro Mullet

Mullets are not picky with hair types, and even men with black and tough hair can style them. Ask your barber to fade the sides and the front of your afro, and leave some length at the back. If you have black hair, you don’t have an excuse for not trying this style.

  1. Mullet With Curls

Guys with curly hair also have something to try. Curly hair is cool, looks natural, and is easy to style in mullet styles. Cut the sides and the front, and use some product to slick the hair back and hold it. 

  1. Mullet Undercut

An excellent way to give more style to mullet hairstyles is by adding an undercut. This style features longer hair at the front with some length at the back of the head. Cut the sides using the same height and add more fading around the ears. 

  1. Surfer Mullet

The suffer mullet haircut resembles waves on beaches. It was initially worn by most surfer legends hence the name. The hair on the top head is shorter than the sides, but the back one is long. 

  1. Toby Keith’s Mullet
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If you are looking for a subtle look, you can go for a trimmed mullet to ensure the sides are not poked out too much. 

  1. Messy Strands

One way to add volume to your hair is to keep the strands up and messy. The messy hair is attractive. The style works well for people with wavy hair. 

  1. Temple Faded Mullet

As the name suggests, this mullet style comes with a faded temple. Yet another temple faded mullet haircut requires you to have some waves on the hair. Give the sides a fade to add uniqueness to the style. You can style this mullet cut with a full-grown beard. The hair on top and that at the back are left medium length to emphasize the faded sides. 

  1. Messy Ducktail

Your hairstyle does not have to be neat all the time because even messy hair is stylish. The messy ducktail style has the back hair long and shaped into a duck’s tail. This is a great mullet style, especially for casual events. Definitely, you would not want to wear this to your office!

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