How to Become a Male Instagram Model

How to Become a Male Instagram Model

At present, Instagram has already become a powerful tool for use in different industries, and modeling is not an exception. This platform is a perfect channel for creating a personal portfolio and developing self-promotion strategies for male and female models. On the other side, the modeling agencies use Instagram to find new talents and add more fresh faces to their label. 

To stand out from competitors in the model business, each model tries to show off her personality and creativity via the posts and stories on Instagram. And, when it comes to male models, even fewer of them are actually noticed. 

In this post, you’ll find out the best practices of running social media accounts as a professional model to succeed. Additionally, we’ll share some nice ways of how to improve the content posted online and make modeling agents notice you. 

So, you can really get scouted on Instagram? Let’s find this out!

Best Social Media Tips to Use for Male Modeling

As you have already uncovered, social media is a perfect chance of getting an additional source of income, especially for those working in the modeling sphere. If you’re new to this industry, creating content on Instagram can help you to create a portfolio for agencies and successfully start your career. For the professional models, the Instagram account can be a solid channel for getting more cooperation offers and making their way on the international level. 

#1 Use Hashtags

How to hashtag on Instagram is pretty simple, and writing the relevant ones to your posts can even benefit the account visibility. At present, most agents search for models via topic-related hashtags, so adding a few like “#model” or “#modellife” is always a good idea. Additionally, you can add some more specific ones, including “#fitnessmodel,” “#plussizemodel,” “#guyswithstyle,” or “#altmodel” – these are less general and has a lower competition level, which is certainly good for your visibility. Thus, your photos have much more chances to get scouted by model agencies on Instagram. 

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Pro tip: To make the hashtags invisible for your followers, it’s better to add hashtags to the comment section instead of the post text. This way, you’ll ensure the modeling hashtags work only for those who’re searching for models on Instagram. 

#2 Run Public Professional Account Separately

It often happens that the potential job offers are lost in the endless list of messages from your friends, followers, and shopping stores. To ensure you won’t miss any important information, it’s better to run the professional business account separately and post there the photos related to the scopes of your work. 

Furthermore, this will greatly add to the overall impression of your account: you can share your makeup and non-makeup appearance, daily looks, and professional shoots to attract more agents for the interview. 

Finally, that’s a great chance to introduce yourself as an experienced female or male model and show the roles you were working with: individual, couple, or group shooting, fashion shows, wedding photo shooting, and more. And those who have an athletic body shape can also recommend themselves as fitness models by sharing their bikini photos!

#3 Employ Different Types of Content

To make the most of your modeling account on Instagram, it’s essential to share different types of creative content on your page, including the actual shots, defile videos, backstage clips, and more. For this purpose, it’s not enough to simply post the photos received from photographers: they should be picked up carefully, with adding some color correction or filters. To get started, you can try to edit your photo shoots with free photoshop to see what colors fit best to your model profile. Besides, there’s still a lot of options for creating unique fashion videos to draw more attention to your profile. 

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For instance, you can master the video editing software and create content that perfectly fits the account’s visuals, colors, and topics. Choosing the one with a simple yet feature-rich interface packed with trendy visual and sound effects sure works for creating fashionable video content. If you want to try to make one right now, you can find a great free video editor here.

In addition, to optimize the process of content creation, be sure to use the premade filters to harmonize the photos and videos posted on your profile. For instance, you can try some free templates or create the custom ones in photo editing apps like Lightroom. 

#4 Grow Your Audience and Interact with It

To enhance the account performance and get some juicy offers from the world’s famous brands, it’s also important to interact with your audience. The more people will follow you, the more feedback they leave under your posts, the higher chances you’ll get for being noticed. 

For this purpose, you can leave some thoughts under the posts, mention the credentials of the team you’ve cooperated with, or share the modeling experience of working under specific projects. By sharing all this information in your professional modeling profile, you can prove your expertise in this area and also get important references from those who worked with you as a male model. 

Also, this way, agents can see what kind of person you are, how seriously you take the modeling, and whether or not you possess all the necessary skills shown on your posts. 

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As you can see, running your social media accounts can benefit a lot to your career in modeling, especially on Instagram. Your profile is the so-called hallmark for various agencies that can become a powerful source for shooting invites from all over the world. Thus, you can significantly enlarge your career opportunities and get a chance to break new ground on the way towards success. 

If you want to learn more about how to get started in male modeling, you should certainly review the tips we’ve discussed earlier.

We’re certain that having these tips employed, you’ll surely succeed in such a competitive yet catching field of modeling! 

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