Michael Yerger Exclusive Interview with Fashionably Male

Interview with Michael Yerger

Former “Survivor” contestant turned “DT Model Management model” Michael Yerger is the new face of two major fashion brands, Dolce & Gabbana and Dsquared2, appearing in both brands’ latest signature briefs. “Who knew being a castaway would lead to the fashion runway?” laughs Mr. Yerger from his LA home.  “I’m so excited for the opportunity the show has given me and I look forward to seeing what kind of surprises life has in store for me in 2022 and beyond.” 

Michael Yerger Exclusive Interview with Fashionably Male1

For the Dolce & Gabbana campaign, photographer Mariano Vivanco took inspiration from the fashion house’s archives, revisiting classic advertisements aesthetics from the ’90s.  He shot Yerger in front of an aquamarine backdrop designed by Trish Stephenson. Dsquared2’s campaign, photographed by Christian Oita in Greece, is more subtle and muted.  It features Yerger in black and white images, posing under neon lights.

Michael Yerger Exclusive Interview with Fashionably Male

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Michael Yerger first gained national attention three years ago while competing on CBS’s popular competition show, Survivor: Ghost Island.  After the show, he quit his real estate agent job and launched a successful modeling career, signing with David Todd at DT Model Management, credited with fostering the careers of top models Dylan Penn, Ireland Baldwin, Lydia Hearst, and Nick Youngquest. In short time, Yerger has appeared in several high-end magazine editorials including British GQMan About TownGQ MexicoNumero Homme and the cover of L’Officiel.  He has shot for several international brands including GUESS, Express, The Gap and Savage x Fenty and his social media presence has grown exponentially.  He now has 780K followers on Instagram.

Michael Yerger Exclusive Interview with Fashionably Male

“We’re grooming Michael to be the next David Gandy,” says Todd, referring to the English male super-model who appears in the Dolce & Gabbana campaign with Yerger.  Gandy has long been featured in the advertising campaigns and fashion shows for the iconic fashion house and remains one of the world’s top male models.  “Michael has a similar 90’s looking vibe. He’s intelligent, charismatic, and his seductively handsome looks and muscular build can capture a great shot for any brand.  He’s not afraid to show skin and be sexy.  The camera loves him!”

Michael Yerger Exclusive Interview with Fashionably Male

It has been an incredible year for you so far! You’ve been doing so many things and working with incredible people.  Your name is on Google Trends this year!  Did you expect all of this, so soon? 


It sure has been, especially considering the year we have endured! I feel very fortunate to have had such an eventful year because I know that for many, it has been an extremely difficult one. I wouldn’t say that I expected anything, but I did always believe deep  down that some neat things would start to happen for me if I kept working hard. I am grateful that I did because to be honest, I don’t think I could have stuck with it if I didn’t have those beliefs to fall back on when things got hard! It can be an unforgiving business, but it sure is an adventurous one and I am very excited to see what’s in store for me in 2022!

Michael Yerger Exclusive Interview with Fashionably Male

For so many people, Fame in 2021 is having thousands of followers. What are your thoughts on fame? 

I think that social media fame has redefined what it truly means to be famous. Most people who are famous have followers but not necessarily the other way around. I think that social media fame can be an incredible tool used to connect with other like-minded individuals, find new opportunities, and share new experiences around the world! It also allows individuals to monetize their personal brand, image, and talents like never before. I do believe that privacy is true luxury and I’d rather be rich than famous!

Michael Yerger Exclusive Interview with Fashionably Male

Your name is linked with many fashion brands, and high-end fashion editorials, name one thing that helps you to keep your feet on the ground? 

It is an absolute honor to be affiliated with so many amazing brands and publications and any accomplishment made is something to find gratitude in, not arrogance! Not to mention that it is always a team effort and I am so lucky to have such fantastic agencies behind me that help me reach my goals. 

Michael Yerger Exclusive Interview with Fashionably Male

Stress comes by losing control of things. Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. How do you handle this? When was the last time you suffered from stress? 

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With how common both stress and anxiety are nowadays, we all have to find out the best way to manage ourselves to avoid being consumed by them. Just about every one of my peers experiences both of these things to some degree, which I believe are largely due to social media and all the pressures that are both directly and indirectly put on us as a society. Personally, my stressors are what motivate me, so I have to keep a delicate balance between becoming over-stressed and unmotivated. Simply viewing stress as a positive thing helps me overcome it that much quicker. My most recent (and current) stress comes from being sick and unable to be active and productive. What a double edged sword it can be!

Michael Yerger Exclusive Interview with Fashionably Male

What is the best advice your parents have given you? 

To find contentment no matter what you have, what you do, where you go, etc. To hold value in relationships and community, not in tangible things. To be kind and generous and to love all unconditionally!

What would you like to share with your fans that nobody knows? 

That I conceptually designed a video game that I have archived and ready to produce one day once I have the time and resources. It’s a turn-based, sci-fi MMORPG designed for mobile and PC. I am not big into gaming but I’ve always had a wild imagination and creative calling, so I’d love to be able to pursue it one day… perhaps when I have some kids who can enjoy it!

Quick Lighting – Random Q/A

Michael Yerger Exclusive Interview with Fashionably Male

Favorite ColorOrange.
Dream car: Ferrari SF90 Stradale.
Favorite cologne, scent or smell: Tom Ford Oud Minerale, Lavender & Eucalyptus. 
Favorite body part on your partner: I really just love every square inch, but her bootys got a name for a reason.
Favorite body part on you: My rooster, then my chest.
Favorite accessory you can’t live without: Snapback.
Favorite App: Ebay.
Favorite TV streaming show: Ozark.
Favorite movie: Prometheus.
Briefs or boxers: Neither 😉
Favorite candy: Candy Corn.
Fav vacation spot: Costa Rica.

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For more information on Michael Yerger, visit DT Model Management.
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  1. Great interview with Michael Yerger. Loved the cheeky briefs or boxers answers and this quote manifested his future: We’re grooming Michael to be the next David Gandy,”. I can totally see Michael being the next David Gandy.

  2. Danny boi2

    haha- love that he reps underwear but. doesn’t wear any… He’s a hottie for sure.

    • David Sands

      that’s what I thought, he prob won’t get another panty campaign…

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