Loewe Mens Fall 2022 Paris cover

Loewe Men’s Fall/Winter 2022 Paris

Looks from the Loewe Men’s Fall/Winter 2022 in Paris

The body is the point of arrival and departure, nakedness reproduced in shrunken scale on trompe l’oeil pieces, the elementarity of underwear and base layers exposed as an external self. 
LEDs and lights illuminate coats, the waistline and the sides of trousers, and profile of shoes, like a glow coming directly from the body being projected outward. 

The LOEWE Fall Winter 2022 men’s runway show unveiled in Paris.

The collection is presented within Flags, Paris 2022, a site specific installation devised by the artists Joe McShea & Edgar Mosa: eighty-seven 2.5×3.5m faceless flags made of nearly 4,000 individually-cut ribbons mounted on 6.5m long aluminum flagpoles and reacting to the movement of models and the audience.

The flags are stripped of meaning, acting as a call to reflection. They are made of thirteen colors chosen to represent the full visible spectrum, arranged randomly so as to make each flag unique. 

Creative direction @Jonathan.Anderson
Styling @BenjaminBruno_
Casting @AshleyBrokaw

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