Kolor Mens Fall/Winter 2022 Paris

Kolor Men’s & Women’s Fall/Winter 2022 Paris

Kolor Men’s & Women’s Fall/Winter 2022 Paris

And respect for Kolor by Junichi Abe, the Comme des Garçon alumnus who always commands lots of attention. His one-hour video took 45 minutes before it actually began. It turned out to be an actual co-ed show set in a dreamy wood, where the cast appeared in Abe’s latest version of amalgamated fashion, a composite collection where garments intermingled.

Like a brilliant double sweater – part cable, part cricket  – where one neck hole became a shoulder; or a very chill Japanese figure in a series of bravura tweed parkas finished on one shoulder with half a hunting vest.

For the gals, a fab coppery Aran tank, one side of which was absent, seen over a classy wool caban;  to a majestic triple-lapel ensemble of three jackets – hacking jacket, Scottish tweed and football-star caban on an Asian beauty with an afro – part of an excellent Kolor cast.

 In a word, the most mature and commercial collection of an already acclaimed and truly influential designer.

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