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How To Have A Unique Experience In Los Angeles

When people think of Los Angeles, they typically don’t think of diversity. They typically think “Weird California” or “a city that’s not like the rest”. 

Ca-Rio-Ca Sunga, From Brazil Rio del Janeiro to Los Angeles, California USA

Well, sorry to say but you’re right. 

It is a weird and quirky city. That being said, though, there are many things that Los Angeles does offer which are unique in itself – some events may be expensive but are worth it for novelty purposes or for those special moments you’ll remember for years after you visit.

How to Do Things Differently

You can visit the trendy city of Los Angeles and see the same sights you would in any other big city. But why not do things differently?

Here are some ways to have a unique experience in Los Angeles:

Hollywood History Museum

Located in Hollywood, this museum tells the history of the movie business through rare photos. If you want to visit this museum, though, you must plan ahead. 

A lot of people want to go here and get turned away because it gets so busy. You can buy tickets in advance on their website to avoid any disappointments.

San Pedro Square Market 

Tucked away in Downtown Los Angeles near the port, it is a nonprofit, low-cost market where you can pick up a hot lunch and snacks to take with you (or livestock type foodstuffs) and enter into one of the many shops selling some pretty cool stuff. 

You can also eat at one of the food stalls where you can choose from any type of cuisine you’d like, and it’s all priced low enough to save money (though affordable enough to eat again if you’re not that impressed).

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Farmers Markets

The farmer’s markets in Los Angeles are all different. Some have booths that sell specialty foodstuffs, while others have only tasty, unique foods to eat (see the San Pedro Market). 

Some are held indoors, like the Santa Monica Market on Main Street, while others are outdoor markets like Union Square Plaza Downtown, with outdoor vendors selling their specialty foods and wares. There’s a market almost every day of the week with another one every weekend as well. 

Drinks At The Beach

Surfers and beaches go hand in hand in sunny California. So, why not combine the two? 

People often visit Hollywood or Venice Beach, but you can also enjoy drinks at the beach at Huntington State Beach or check out any of the area beaches in San Pedro near downtown. 

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The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

This museum is located in Downtown LA and has a very interesting museum collection (particularly through its art history) as well as interesting architecture. 

You can easily spend an entire day (or even longer) in there, taking in everything. It’s worth leaving your hotel and making the trip down there some time to see this amazing place.

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