Ricardo Seco Fall 2022 NYFW cover

Ricardo Seco Men’s Fall 2022 New York

˝PASSION˝ is the titled collection collection of designer Ricardo Seco presented in New York Fashion Week.

Collection inspired by Luis Barragán a Mexican architect and engineer. His work has influenced contemporary architects visually and conceptually. Barragán’s buildings are frequently visited by international students and professors of architecture.

Time for Colors – Time for Mexico

Mexican designer based in New York has been working so hard to gain a good place in the fashion platform. This collection powered By Art Hearts Fashion at The Ziegfeld Ballroom took Ricardo and placed him as a very good designer in America.

“Collection number 40 in my career, number 20 in NYFW, I thought I was not going to present it, I thought of a small collection that would represent my passion that makes me be in fashion, I was inspired by a Mexican who transcended for his management of color in its spaces but also for his love for Mexico Luis Barragán and how he quoted him in his speech upon receiving his Pritzker Prize from the Mexican poet Carlos Pellicer: “good and evil come to us through sight. Eyes that see nothing, souls that expect nothing.” Color brought out my true self.
Thanks to all my team and friends from NYC for these 10 years in NYFW”

Ricardo Seco

Joy. How to forget her! I think that a work reaches perfection when it does not exclude the emotion of joy, silent and serene joy enjoyed in solitude.

˝The private life of beauty does not deserve to be called human.˝ – Luis Barragán

Model @alanreut / Michael Hazard / Neto Soberanes / Malik Delgaty / Kole Kuyk / Jason Ke / Luke Kraynyak /
Stylist @venetosoberanes 
Production @lennybarnesjr & @artheartsfashion
Music @mafulaka

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    Bright blindness of vivid colours & possibilities on the horizon guaranteed!✈

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