Useful Tips for Wearing a Suit in a Stylish and Functional Way

Useful Tips for Wearing a Suit in a Stylish and Functional Way

If you see a powerful man, like a company leader wearing a suit, your impression will be also formed by what he wears, and how that makes him look. A no quality, not well-fitted, or unstylish suit can negatively impact such men’s image. Therefore, it can be helpful to learn about the art of wearing suits properly, and trendily. You don’t have to buy the most expensive pieces, even though quality signals are a highly knowledgeable craft. But even more important to know the secrets!

Some suites come with logos, tags, etc. on their sleeves or other places on the suit jacket. You shouldn’t have visible logos, especially the big ones in clearly visible places, so don’t be afraid of cutting them off! If you see a man wearing a suit that way, please let them know, they aren’t supposed to wear it that way. That’s the reason why only one stitch is holding the logo. 

The same applies to the stitching on the pocket, and on the vents at the back. Remove them all! Guys tend to keep those stitches because it may seem scary to remove them when buying a brand new stylish suit, but you should do it anyway! The vents can only move at the back if you remove the stitches; they were designed to be flexible. 

Your Suit Should Be Well-Fitting

When getting a new suit, the first thing you should consider is how well it fits! Tailoring is a key aspect of wearing a suit. A well-fitting suit isn’t baggy anywhere, the sleeves aren’t too long, the trousers often need to be hemmed or adjusted. They should fit you well around the waist, and the shoulders need to be well-placed. To get a suit that fits perfectly rarely happens, but don’t worry, tailoring it well can get you the perfect outfit. The key is that the details are fitting well. 

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If you are choosing between two suits, don’t go for the more expensive one just because it is your favorite brand, but choose the one that fits you the most! You can always opt for custom tailored suits that will be a great fit. Possibly you need to take your freshly bought suit to the tailor every time, so they can make it look even more expensive. They not only can fit it perfectly to your shape but also adjust it to your style. You may be already thinking about how much that will cost you… You can use some custom-made online programs.

Designing Your Unique Suit

That way, you could choose each detail of your suit yourself, including the fabric, the number and the placement of buttons, the vents, the lapel, the construction. If you use this option, you could get the suit of your dreams, and enjoy the process of designing your garment. Also, you can have a unique suit that no one else has. You could use a lighter material for summer, like a wool-silk linen fabric, so it is more breathable, and you won’t be sweating.

Having Your Suit Made After Picking the Details 

Getting your suit online is quite simple. After you made your specific selection online, it is also easy to make your suit. You can simply go to the store (eg.: Suitsupply) to have your measurements done, and go through all the details so you can get the exact suit of your desire. You should also discuss your tailoring preferences. It could be a non-baggy modern fit, and you could also let them know where you don’t want it to be too tight, like your calves, etc.

After the fitting, you usually need to wait for three to four weeks to get your suit. You can have your initials written inside your jacket under the logo label, and even add it to the inside of your collar if you want to make it more special for yourself, or as a gift for someone else. No one else will see it, but it could make you feel even more confident when you are wearing it. If you are getting a matching shirt from the same maker, you could also have your initials on the sleeve. 

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It is up to your taste what kind of details you are choosing, you could spice it up with subtle, elegant bits like the mother of pearl buttons. As for the trousers, you could replace belt loops with more modern, simple, and clean-looking side adjusters. A plus point is that you don’t need to wear a belt with these. The one you design could easily be your favorite out of all your suits!

Getting Your Extras

You could also be getting your extras in such stores, like a simple but stylish polo. If you pick something that brings alive your persona, you could get dozens of people asking you where you got it from. You should find a store of your liking, and a brand that can help you make you look your best!

What You Should Know About the Buttons

You can recognize and differentiate gentlemen from rookies in their ways of wearing their suits. You shouldn’t close the lowest button of your suit jacket, but keep them open instead. Most guys wouldn’t do so, and it is a mistake. It is okay if you weren’t aware of these, you can always educate yourself. Three buttons on the jacket are less common, as opposed to two buttons. Even with two buttons, you should never button the lower buttons. 

After you stand up, you should always have the top button buttoned, but when you are sitting down, you should always first unbutton your jacket. This is both more comfortable and is also a suit etiquette, besides you can avoid the risk of ripping your buttons open while you are sitting. It is because suits are supposed to fit perfectly, not because you need to lose some weight. So your suit jacket is probably going to be too tight when you are sitting. 

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Wearing Accessories

This isn’t a must, although a nice watch can add to your trendy suit outfit. You are not supposed to mix your gentleman garment with wearing rubber banded sports watches, including Apple Watch. They aren’t the best match, you should wear a classic watch. Any classy band goes with it, such as leather, stainless steel, silver, or gold, except rubber bands. You don’t want to look cheap!

Wearing Sneakers 

If you are going for a more casual look, feel free to wear sneakers to the right places. You should preferably wear black or white clean leather sneakers. Again, try to avoid logos or big branding on your sneakers! By wearing sneakers you can dress down your suit a bit for more casual Fridays for instance. Could be the perfect fit to go out for drinks in the evening too! Take off your vest, and have a more casual look!

Wearing a Shirt and a Tie

It would give you a more classy look. Are they necessary? No. Try experimenting with a quality shirt on the more classy end, or even a turtleneck underneath. An unbuttoned shirt without a tie could also look great. 

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