Healthy and Stylish Beard: Hottest Grooming Trends for 2022

Healthy and Stylish Beard: Hottest Grooming Trends for 2022

Beards have made quite a comeback over the last decade, with men from all walks of life sporting beards. Whether it’s long or short, curly or fuzzy, there’s no denying that the beard is here to stay for a while. Here is a look at some of the hottest beard styles you can try in 2022.

Healthy and Stylish Beard: Hottest Grooming Trends for 2022

The Stubble Look

It’s a classic, and it never really goes out of style. The stubble look is perfect if you want to get away with having facial hair without looking like you’re trying too hard. It’s also perfect if your hair grows quickly or unevenly, as it works with varying lengths around your face; just keep it short on your cheeks and neck and let the rest grow out.

The Full Beard

This trend is all about letting your facial hair grow wild! You can either make this look work with or without styling products – it’s up to you! Argan Oil Shop has special oil for beard styling that helps you tame your mane so you can grow a full well-groomed beard.

Healthy and Stylish Beard: Hottest Grooming Trends for 2022

Tips To Ensure Your Beard Is Healthy

Use Appropriate Products

Make sure you’re using products made for your type of hair. Whether you’ve got thick, thin, coarse, or wispy hair growing from your face, you must find products that are intended for your hair type. If you use products that aren’t meant for your hair type, you run the risk of drying out your skin or creating a buildup of product on your hair follicles. Fortunately, there are various powerful natural remedies to protect your skin.

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Trim Regularly

You might think it looks cool to be rocking a big bushy beard without any maintenance, but it probably looks messy – like a cat with its fur sticking up on end all over its body.

Healthy and Stylish Beard: Hottest Grooming Trends for 2022

Use A Beard Brush

Whether you’re growing out your beard or rocking a groomed look, you should be using a brush. Using a beard brush can help exfoliate your skin, remove dead skin and dirt from your beard, and redistribute natural oils. All of this means that your beard will look better, last longer between washes, and feel softer to the touch. Especially if you are a fan of short beard styles, and are looking for the best ways to keep your beard well-groomed.

Plus, brushing is a great way to give yourself some extra time in the morning! If you’re running late for work but don’t have time to get a proper wash in, just grab your beard brush and give yourself a quick once-over on the way out the door.


Healthy and Stylish Beard: Hottest Grooming Trends for 2022
Young bearded hipster businessman enjoying his free time with his bicycle.

Men have always taken grooming very seriously, and it’s no surprise that the beard is the hottest trend among men. Grooms have always wanted to look stylish, elegant, and dapper. The beard has helped them achieve their vain without a doubt. The beard has been around for centuries is proof that it has been here to stay since the early times of man. So make sure you get one too as soon as possible because this is not a trend that will go away anytime soon. However, make sure you follow these tips, so you don’t look out of place with your beard. There is nothing worse than an unkempt beard that doesn’t reflect your personality and attitude.

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