How to Get Through a Grueling Workout and Still Get Out of Bed the Next day... Without Anyone's Help

How to Get Through a Grueling Workout and Still Get Out of Bed the Next day… Without Anyone’s Help

There is nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment when you come home after a big workout. You’re tired, you’re sweaty: you’re alive. But the day after can be a different story. That’s when the pain hits and suddenly going for all those extra reps doesn’t seem like such a smart idea. But with the proper post-workout routine, you can minimize pain and be ready to kick butt the next day!

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Using Supplements 

A key factor in helping your body grow is feeding it what it needs. A good supplement routine can help minimize soreness the next day, and help muscles grow. Any good trainer worth their beans will tell you that a post-workout shake that includes some type of Protein Powder is a great way to give your body the protein it needs to recover and grow. It’s delivered quickly and absorbed fast. Other supplements you could include in your shake are Glutamine, Creatine, and BCAA’s. Everyone has their preferences of taste and has to consider price, so try a few different brands to see which one works best for you.

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Post-workout Muscle Relief

The body is sore after a workout, and the muscles need to relax. It’s a good practice to Stretch your muscles before you work out, but after as well, while they are throbbing and all pumped up with blood. It helps alleviate some of the pressure by reducing the built-up lactic acid in the muscles. It may not be until later in the day when you are sore, but Foam Rolling is another method that helps to improve blood flow and it makes the muscles feel loose and moveable. There are also some fantastic products that can help speed up recovery such as CBD balm UK athletes use this to help reduce pain and inflammation post-workout.

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There is some debate about how effective foam rolling is and the science behind it, but next time you have a sore back or calf, I dare you to try foam rolling and not feel better after. Another way to relieve muscle inflammation is by soaking your muscles in cold water. This could be as simple as a Cold shower. Even if it’s not your whole body, you can hold the worked-out muscle under for 30 seconds. Or you could go as far as completely submerging your body in an Ice Bath. Nothing fights inflammation like cold water: it literally has the word Flame’ in it. And what’s better to beat a flame than cold water?

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s while you sleep, you grow. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial in post-workout recovery. Sleep is crucial in every aspect of our lives and better sleep leads to better workouts. Better workouts tire you out and make your body fatigued, allowing you to get a night of better sleep and also allowing your brain and nervous system to rest.

A well-rested nervous system will be better at handling bigger weights and longer runs at the gym… you see the pattern emerging here? Some doctors suggest working out to their patients who have problems sleeping; it’s kind of a chicken and egg thing. Do we work out to get better sleep or do we get a good night’s sleep to have better workouts? Does it even matter? The bottom line: get a good night of sleep in to help your body recover after a workout.

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Avoid All the Bad Stuff

Drugs. Alcohol. Cigarettes. Fried food. That’s a no-no. We go to the gym to build a better body, mind, and spirit, so why corrupt it with all that junk? Not regularly, at least. A cheat day once in a while is good for the mind: it gives you a chance to relax and unwind. There’s nothing wrong with some beer and pizza in moderation, but don’t be slamming back 6-packs and friend chicken and cigarettes every night. Otherwise, you will never see the result you deserve.

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In fact, a regular workout routine is a (and I can’t stress this enough) – fantastic way to kick bad habits and addiction! If you have anyone in your life overindulging, or you – yourself – are in a dark place, it is highly recommended you start a workout routine. Even if it is only a little at first, a little will lead to a lot.

How to Get Through a Grueling Workout and Still Get Out of Bed the Next day... Without Anyone's Help

To Summaries

Now use these words as motivation, get your butt off the couch, and get those reps in! Whether it’s cardio, weights, hitting the bag, or playing sports, the human body was designed to move, so don’t deprive it of the privilege.

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