Create a Timeless Look with These 5 Tips

Create a Timeless Look with These 5 Tips

There are so many reasons that creating a timeless and classic look is becoming more and more of a priority. The world is in a better position to appreciate and celebrate unique beauty, including looks that reject or expand existing conventional standards. Sustainable fashion is also becoming more prevalent as consumers learn more about how to help protect the environment. By developing a timeless sense of style, you can look back at photos of yourself with pride in the knowledge that you have always been true to yourself and your vision. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Create a Timeless Look with These 5 Tips

1. Look into Styles that Repeatedly Return

What fashion elements are so popular that they constantly return to the public’s attention? There are extreme new shapes and cuts and patterns that appear so bold that it is hard to imagine them coming back into style; however, fashion is unpredictable. If you enjoyed wearing pieces such as paisley patterned shirts or belt-loop chains the first time they became popular, hang onto them; chances are they will see a resurgence at some point in the future.

2. Wait Until a Trend Dies to Decide if You Truly Enjoy It

If something currently in stores has tempted you, avoid the impulse to spend your money on it straight away. While it might seem that the item is unbelievably stylish due to its omnipresence on social media and in fashion magazines, you will be thankful you waited until the height of the trend has passed before participating. This shows restraint and consideration for your own tastes. If you truly appreciate the trendy item for how it appeals to your personal esthetic sensibilities rather than the brief impact it had on the population, then it’s worth buying.

Create a Timeless Look with These 5 Tips
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3. Seek Inspiration from Many Sources

Look for your style inspiration in multiple places. Don’t just check online or in magazines to get an idea of what people are wearing. Absorb the costumes in movies and television you love, pay attention to friends who dress in a manner you admire, and trust your instincts if you find a piece that speaks to your unique taste. If you like the look of cowboy boots in Western movies, find a way to incorporate them into your personal style. Inspiration for outfits can come from something as simple as an appealing billboard or something as nebulous as an abstract concept.

Seventh Man F/W 2015 presents "Naked Cowboy” a work by Photographer Lawrence Sparkes starring Jacey Elthalion and Stylist: Dean Hau.

4. Invest in Pieces That Will Last

A difficult part of creating a timeless look is finding clothes that don’t wear out too quickly. Invest in quality materials that won’t become threadbare after a few washes. It’s hard to appear timeless when you have to frequently replace your old clothes with new ones.

Create a Timeless Look with These 5 Tips

5. Embrace Your Individuality

People who stick to fashion trends religiously often end up looking back at photos of themselves in shock at how ridiculous they looked. If you know your style and can project your creativity through your clothes, your look will stand the test of time. 

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