Elemental Enigma: How to Style Your Home Interior

Elemental Enigma: How to Style Your Home Interior

The way a man styles his home says a lot about his sense of fashion and his sense of self. According to Architectural Digest, this year’s style sentiment is all about spring freshness – breathing new life into your surroundings with touches of earth, warmth, and organic homeliness. As a modern man, one of the most attractive things you can do is curate an on-trend home, so here’s what you need to know.

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Earthenware Is In

One of the most prominent design trends in multiple sectors across the globe in the 2020s is grounding, warming, earthiness. That means incorporating both colors and textures from the natural world, such as wood, cork, bamboo, stone, and clayware. There are a myriad of different ways to style these materials in your home. Rustic ceramic décor, bamboo carpets and curtains, stone flooring and minimalist wooden walls or statement pieces are all innovative and refreshing ways to bring nature into your home.

Nowadays, candles for men are gaining mainstream popularity; men and women simply fall in love with the tantalizing masculine scents that are often reminiscent of pine or a refreshing breeze. Needless to say, adding one or two to your living space is another way to bring the elements inside. You can find them in a broad variety of natural colors and fragrances for an even more sensory indoor experience. As evident in Vogue’s recent publication on Paris streetwear, earthen tones such as olive, camouflage, burnt umber and even clementine are staples in design this year. You can keep these hues in mind as you select materials, art pieces, and finishes for any space in your home, ultimately creating a balanced interior that is both natural and contemporary.

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Transparency And Opalescence

Transparency has played a huge role in modern design trends of the 2020s. Glassware in particular hints at a certain strident modernism that brings an influence of clarity to any room it inhabits. Opting for large, open windows will give you a sense of elevation and spaciousness, which has become particularly important for remote workers as they spend more time indoors around the globe. But you don’t always need to go for perfectly clear glass, pearly opalescence delivers an enchanting opacity that’s worth the extra money.

If you want to really go all out, bringing urban oceanic elements into your home can be done through accents of sheer shell or even bone, further perpetuating the greater atmosphere of the natural world. Think pearlescent glassware, ashtrays, flooring, or even a minimalist chandelier for added charm.

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Red-Blooded Warmth

Design trends have seen a significant uptick in warm, grounding themes over the past two years. Amidst the panic and uncertainty of lockdown, people have been naturally migrating into cozier, homelier stylistic territory. You can see this in the strong incorporation of chunky knitwear blankets, central fireplaces, and warmer shades of ochre, bloodstone, and volcanic ash.

You can allow these trends to influence your choice of wall color, major furnishings such as couches, tables, and armchairs, as well as purely decorative features like an artwork or installation.

Elemental Enigma: How to Style Your Home Interior

Whether you veer more towards lighter, airier interiors or warmer, deeper ones, there’s no denying that the overall design trend for 2022 is gloriously elemental.

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